One of the hottest day of 2012

Hey everyone,
Today is pretty hot, I must say. Even now temperature is at 39°C, which already gives me a hint that mid-day today the temperature must be higher! Wow!
I think today was the hottest, although at school some winds did blow, which makes it a bit cooler.
Now, I can mark April 25th as the hottest day of 2012, and one of the worst events. Now let’s wait for the coldest day of 2012!

Narrator in Windows 8 is getting better

Hey guys,
I’ve been playing around with Narrator in Windows 8 for a while, and I can say…it’s way better than the version in Windows 7; rivaling Jaws, NVDA and VoiceOver.
From a basic, non-usable screen reader, Narrator is now more usable in practical conditions like reading the web. Also it features a focus rectangle, something which is…cool.
From my testing, the navigation is a bit weired, but I think that’s because I’m doing it in a virtual machine. I think if I tried it in a real machine the navigation would have been better.
Overall, Narrator in Windows 8 has greatly improved, and it is now a better choice. Though I can say it’s still quite basic.

Rough summary of the 5 best events of 2012

I know, it’s just 3-4 months into 2012, but the number of events are great enough for me to compile a rough summary of the 5 best ones. Note these are subject to change as the year progresses. These events will not have any descriptions or opinions, but I’ll added them when I make a summary of 2012 by the end of this year.
Best event: Year 10 residential trip to Rayong
Second-best event: Sports Day 2012
Third-best event: Songkran 2012
Fourth-best event: ASDAN cooking challenge
Fifth-best event: Fundays 2012

Songkran 2012; the most amazing Songkran yet

Hi everybody!
Al right, Songkran 2012 is over. It is the most amazing Songkran yet. It starts off with celebrations at school, which is very good, but the event from April 5th make the day a bit less fun. On holiday I’ve just went to Pranburi with my family and it is quite fun! The good thing is that there’s no rain at all, and since it’s close to the sea, the weather isn’t too hot. Due to the power of the Sun, the water in the swimming pool isn’t too cold either.
The food there wasn’t one of the best, but was surely better than the hotel I stayed in with my year 10 at Rayong; about a quadrillion times better.
Also, the swimming pool there was about a quadrillion times better than the pool at the hotel I stayed in with my year 10 at Rayong; unlike there this pool has no sharp edges, and there’s even a slider where I can have fun! But it wasn’t very tall, so it is a little bit boring, but I guess it is designed for kids. But anyhow it is still fun even for people my age.
The room I stayed in wasn’t one of the greatest, but…who cares anyway; it is surely better than the room I stayed with my friends at Rayong back in January.
So, Songkran for this year is done, I hope that next year will be as cool as this one.

Bye Bye My Girl – by me

Someone, whom I like, is going away,
Going away into the far, faraway land,
The time rings its bell, it is time
For you to go, to go and face the future,
Oh, time passes like a cheetah,
It seems like 24 hours a day is not enough,
I need more time
Much much more time, more time to spend with you,
But people seems to be vexing, vexing as ever,
Saying that I like you, over and over,
Why are they so annoying?
You are as calm as a quiet sea,
Your moral character is what I like,
Even though we do not talk to each other a lot,
But I still like you,
Without you
The day can be quite lonely,
Oh, when will you come back to me?
This poem was started on the 4th of April, and I updated yesterday. The first version received about 6-7 likes when I posted on Facebook. I’ve written this for my best friend which I like that had left. I can say this is probably my best poem yet.

Another good event

Hey guys,
Today is the last day for term 2, and my school celebrated Songkran Day. In the morning I did some offerings to the monks, and the real fun part came in the afternoon where I got to throw water at other students and teachers. It was fun, and at least made me forget about yesterday for a while.
Oh, in Chemistry today we have a quiz game, and we get to pick our teams, and I named my team ‘The Lonely Nut’. This name was chosen because it directly reflects my situation, which is directly linked to yesterday’s event. But the result was, my team came last, which is…quite sad.
So, overall, term 2 is a mixture of events, but it did not end in a way that I want it to be. Facebook trolls is very annoying this term, and will surely continues, but this time their target is to hurt my feeling by using yesterday’s event as a weapon to attack me. And when that happens, I will feel both sad and mad.
And one more thing, one of the trolls had managed to record the footage of me and my sad feelings yesterday. If they had uploaded it on Facebook, then they’ve got a new weapon on hand to attack me, and I will feel horrible when they replay the footage.
What I can do now is hope that they will not get more annoying.

One of the saddest day of my life

Hi everyone,
Today is the second-last day of school, and it is nearly a week into quarter 2 of 2012.
But today wasn’t good, not good at all. Yeah, ordinary lessons are plain-boring enough, but something that smashes my feeling pops up. My best friend, which I like, is leaving, and that is quite a sad news. I think I’ve known about this earlier as a foreshadow, but the fact of this was not clear until one of my friend tells me about this in his April Fools Day joke. First I don’t believe it, but eventually it became true like magic.
Another thing that seems to indicate this is the ‘Remember’ poem that my English class read. That poem seems to tell the time to ring the bell that it’s time and that I will have to lose my best friend.
This is quite devastating, I must say. Now, if I want to look back at one of the saddest day of my life in the future, the date is April 5th, 2012.
Hopefuly I can recover from this, and hope that trolls will not use my best friend to attack me; as this will make me feel both sad and mad.

Trolls era and the future after tomorrow

Hello everyone,
So, as I’ve been through enough trolling, I had decided to class them into periods/eras.
These eras are all based on the girl whom trolls like to say that I like/love. One era starts when trolls begin to discover a new girl that I like/love without me explicitly saying it until eventually I’m forced to reveal the truth, and ends when the girl mentioned by the trolls leave the school or a new girl is discovered.
First trolls era: Late 2009 to mid 2010
The first trolls era wasn’t too serious, and is rather short, and it ended in a good way.
Second trolls era: Late 2010 to quarter 1 2012
This is the longest trolls era, and is as well the worst trolls era. This period stretches, like mentioned, from the start of year 9 (late 2010) to the end of year 10 term 2 (quarter 1 2012). Things were very intense and serious, mainly due to the addition of Facebook trolls earlier this year, and ended in a sad way, a way that I don’t want it to end.
As you can see, the second trolls era is very long, stretching more than 1 year, and it seems to reach its end, because the girl the trolls mentioned in this era is leaving after tomorrow.
Now, my concern is that the trolls will either try to find out who I might secretly like and mark the start of the third trolls era, or try to make me suffer from the remains of the second trolls era.