Hey guys;

So, it’s now half-term holiday, finally some time to relax yea!

After that disastrous spam campaign on last Sunday night, and also mounting pressure from some of my friends and even from the head of key stage 5 of my school, I have decided on the future of my account.

That future is, the account is to be closed down, probably permanently. As you may have noticed, the RSS feed that shows all questions and answers and a link to my profile have disappeared, and the ask a question box and the very same RSS feed on my website has also been taken down. Soon I will get rid of the app on my iPhone, and, on the morning of February 18th, which is the Chinese New Year, I will close down my account, for good. I think I have had enough of these spam messages; I just worked out rough calculations, and, according to my rough estimates, there would have been around 550-650 questions and answers, without the trolls as I would have gone in and respond to daily questions. This means that over 2000 messages are from the trolls!

Now, after my account have been oficially closed, the trolls will no longer be able to annoy me, without me knowing. Yes, this blog may still be used for that purpose, but…since they have to fill out their names, I can still identify who they are, except for when they decided to put in random names, but…honestly, WordPress comments are at least a quadrillion times easier to manage than questions and answers, as, unlike, Ii can just go into the admin page, go into the comments section, perform a few clicks, and then all troll comments would be gone; in fact these comments would have required my prior approval anyway, so I can just reject all of them as spam.

The trolls may also go back to annoying me on Facebook, but that’s very risky for the trolls themselves as I will know exactly who they are, and thus can easily trace them down at school later, shall I think that they deserved to be confronted by me in person.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Valentine is closing in…

Hey guys;

So, today saw the return of the Valentine gift ordering thingy, under the name of Valentines Service or something like that. Not too different from previous years though. In regards to the trolls, nothing relating to this has sprang up, but I doubt this will change shortly, and this Valentines Service could even be exploited to create new trolls campaigns by the trolls!

Now, 3 things could potentially happen. (1) The trolls could decide to shift their focus from Friday’s attack, aka “Operation Big Punch”, to the exploitation of this Valentines Service, (2) the trolls could continue with Big Punch and damage me even further, and…the worst of all, (3) the trolls could combine these 2 moves together to form a massive attack campaign that would be even more powerful and more devastating than Big Punch itself, and might send me into even deeper depression afterwards. I think it’s only just now that I realized how evil the trolls were!

Anyways, that’s it for now…

One of the worst day of my life

Hey guys 😦 ;

So, as I thought that today would be quite normal except for some annoyances by the trolls, today actually turned out to be one of the worst day of my life… 😦

Yep, it seems official, that I’ve been defeated by the trolls; like badly. They’ve done very well to use a combination of threats and pressure to force me to cave in to their demands, and…to a certain extent they’ve succeeded.

And…this is not the end of it; they used a move that…I think only the word “barbaric” could describe it, as the move they used not only is super effective, but the move permanently damages my image 😦 .

Now, whether this has been planned, I would say that this ultimate blow has been planned in advance, and that Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s attacks were practically dress rehearsals for the final showdown today. In fact, the trolls have been trying to damage my image for some time, for example by falsely accusing me of cheating in tests when they learned that I got higher scores than them (I’m specifically talking about Maths and some ESS tests), but in all cases they failed. The move today basically involved a combination of trolls’ own criticisms of what I do during lunch and some allegedly aggravated messages being passed down amongst members of the trolls, and…I doubt, what they did was combine them and significantly craft the final attack in a way that I would have no choice but to give in, regardless of what I said.

Also, the date (today) that was chosen is also seem strategic, because…down the road is Valentines Day, and…I highly doubt, they hope to negatively damage my image so that no one would order anything for me (if there will be gift ordering service this year). These trolls knew that my image cannot recover overnight or over 2-3 days, so…they decided that today is a good time to launch this attack.

Now, what can I do…I don’t know 😦 . Staging a mental revolution and wiping myself clean of all negative events could work, but that doesn’t necessarily restore my image. Trying to be more authoritarian, by not tolerating any doubts/criticisms about my personal/social life, I.E using Stalinist approach, could, in theory, work, but in practice, how could I make sure that the trolls are not criticising me is a difficult question to answer, and how to silence them in a peaceful/non-violent way is also another issue to be addressed, which makes Stalinist approach seem impracticable.

Also, whether this marks the end of the current trolls campaign…I’d say the current trolls campaign is still going on, it’s only a matter of time before such rumor surfaced again.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

A new trolls campaign has erupted

Hey guys;

So, Valentines Day is just around the corner, and…it seems that the trolls are taking an advantage of it…

…Today, the trolls did it at last. They finally launched a new trolls campaign, or rather, a new proxy trolls campaign as with my new rules, a new rumor cannot be considered a trolls campaign until I can see that it’s spreading rapidly, or has been around for some time.

This new rumor was, I doubt, created out of an observation by some members of the trolls yesterday, who secretly watched what I did during lunch and used that piece of information to formulate a new rumor. And…just like the seventh trolls campaign, this new rumor involves someone in younger year, but this time the person involved was only a year younger than me. I’m not sure why the trolls chose to involve people in younger years in recent rumors, but…I doubt it’s because the trolls knew that I no longer hang out with people in year 13. In fact, I even doubt that this has links to the April Fools incident last year that resulted in me and the rest of year 13 being banned from my tutor base, which literally forced me to search for new people to hang out with.

Now, in terms of what I can do…I’ll use the power of cares to defeat this new rumor, by saying ‘cares’ in response to this new rumor.

Anyways, that’s it for now…