Hey guys; So, it's now half-term holiday, finally some time to relax yea! After that disastrous spam campaign on last Sunday night, and also mounting pressure from some of my friends and even from the head of key stage 5 of my school, I have decided on the future of my account. That … Continue reading Good-bye


Valentine is closing in…

Hey guys; So, today saw the return of the Valentine gift ordering thingy, under the name of Valentines Service or something like that. Not too different from previous years though. In regards to the trolls, nothing relating to this has sprang up, but I doubt this will change shortly, and this Valentines Service could even … Continue reading Valentine is closing in…

One of the worst day of my life

Hey guys 😦 ; So, as I thought that today would be quite normal except for some annoyances by the trolls, today actually turned out to be one of the worst day of my life... 😦 Yep, it seems official, that I've been defeated by the trolls; like badly. They've done very well to use … Continue reading One of the worst day of my life

A new trolls campaign has erupted

Hey guys; So, Valentines Day is just around the corner, seems that the trolls are taking an advantage of it... ...Today, the trolls did it at last. They finally launched a new trolls campaign, or rather, a new proxy trolls campaign as with my new rules, a new rumor cannot be considered a trolls … Continue reading A new trolls campaign has erupted