First week of school so far; very good

Hey guys;

So, the first week of year 12 has passed, and I can say…it was perfect! No trolls, nothing, unlike with last year.

Now, that’s very good, as this shows that the trolls can’t find a good time to attack, or they’re too busy with CAS and their studies to attack me. Either both is a good thing, as I don’t have to deal with trolls saying that I like some random girls even though it’s not even true.

But, I still can’t let go of the possibility of the trolls launching the so called the seventh trolls campaign, as…along with the new students are a few girls; a perfect target for the trolls to pick on, although luckily they can’t find reasons to do so as of yet, but I doubt they’ll do it when they want. In fact, the trolls may even decide to launch seventh trolls campaign right on the upcoming Monday!

Now, that is something that I’m concerned of, since this could happen without me knowing it. If it happens, then I don’t really know what to do; although I could stick to the denial strategy that I used with the sixth trolls campaign, which may or may not work, depending on how hard the trolls tried in forcing me to accept their false rumor.

That’s it for now…

Second day into the IB Diploma…not so bad

Hey guys;

So, it’s now day 2 of the IB Diploma, and I can say…things went rather easy, although I do have some difficulties sorting out the timetable, but that’s now resolved.

Also in Environmental Systems and Societies today, I’ve learned that a small residential trip is just down the road! Yes, at the end of September I’m going on a residential for ESS! That’s great, because then I can replace the current best event of the year, which is Songkran, with this one for sure, because…residential trips are always amazing and fun.

Overall so far, nothing bad has risen yet (no trolls, nothing). Things are just going very well.

That’s it for now…

First day of school; very good

Hey guys;

So, the first day of what I will call a new era in my academic life has begun, and…today was great; no lessons, just the IB Diploma induction day. The induction was boring, but…it’s very important, and thus I will not consider it boring and unproductive since it contains necessary details about the course and the diploma itself that I need to know.

Also arrived with the new academic year of 2013-2014, is the number of new students in my year 12. There were a total of 9; possibly the largest batch ever seen! But the batch back in year 9 might be bigger, or equally the same, I can’t remember exactly.

Also, I was surprised to find that first, the school has been baught over by a foreign company, and from what I’ve heard…they’ll slowly implement changes that will benefit everyone, although some may not be done in time to allow me to experience since I only have 2 more years at ST Andrews, but the first change that I notice as a result of this takeover is that the snack shop has changed in mainly the nacks that were sold, but I really have to comment that they’re quite expensive. For example, an orange juice costs 45 baht! Also I think the co-co milk that I use to drink and love is now gone as well, or it may come back later, I don’t know yet as this is the first day and things may not be in place yet.

In addition, the canteen has been changed as well, although not too big of a change other than the food, which is…alright; I guess a bit better than last year.

Also, I’ve noticed that the school’s online resource/learning system has got a complete makeover.


As you can see, the interface mimics that of Windows 8, in that there are tiles with Windows 8-like style and appearance. Overall I must say it’s great, in the fact that the school’s online learning system has been modernized. I do like it though.

Now, I’m not sure if the computers at school has changed; I’ll have to be in the computer lab and see, but I’ll do that later.

In conclusion, today was great and…relaxing, although I’ll have to keep in mind that this is something serious, and that it’s not going to be like a walk in the park, which means that I will have to change the way I do and organize myself. This may also imply that I might not be able to update this blog and my website as often as previously, but I’ll keep them updated when I have the available time.

That’s it for now…

Summer holiday has ended

Hey guys;

So, after a period of 11 weeks with virtually nothing in particular to do, it’s finally over. The longest summer holiday has officially come to an end, with school starting tomorrow.

Overall I can say, this 11 weeks is very boring, with virtually nothing to do, other than playing Pokemon and Sims 3, in which I eventually became bored of continuing with my world building program, having created a family and didn’t even start playing with it that much at all. But with my Pokemon games, I did make some progress. For example, in my playthrough of Sacred Gold (a hack of Heart Gold), I did managed to finished all the 16 gyms and caught some legendaries, and with my Storm Silver playthrough (a hack of Soul Silver), I did managed to beat the 7th gym and finishing the Goldenrod City’s Radio Tower mission. In addition, my Volt White 2 playthrough (a hack of Pokemon White 2) has started, and now I’ve gotten up to beating the 5th gym.

Now, what had happened both in my life and around me. Virtually in my life, other than making progress in Pokemon games, there’s virtually nothing other than the change of my website software from Drupal to WordPress, and a bit of small annoyances caused by the trolls, particularly when they threatened to seek revenge on what I’ve done to them back in early June. And for around me there’s nothing more than boring news on politics, which is very boring and unproductive reading stories of people arguing on things that either doesn’t make sense or do any good to the country. Outside of Thailand, there’s nothing much other than the birth of a new royal baby in the UK and a devastating train crash in Spain.

So, like stated in my earlier posts, the return of the school means that I get to meet all of my good friends again, and possibly even meet some new ones. But however, the school trolls will also be returning, and I think they’ll use this time to launch a revenge attack on me for what I’ve done to them back in early June; and there’s even a possibility of the trolls launching the seventh trolls campaign!

So, tomorrow will be a new start, and marks the beginning of a new era in my academic life, with subjects that I never took before, exciting coursework, and exciting activities.

That’s it for now…

Minor updates to the blog

Hey guys;

So, right from when this blog was created, I haven’t written any posts concerning the changes of this blog, so…it’s time to write about some changes that had occuurred on this blog.

Mainly, what I’ve done is re-arranged some widgets on the sidebar, and also have added some extra widgets, mainly to match the sidebar on my website. If you go visit my website and compared the appearance of the sidebar to this blog, you will see that it’s almost identical, with the exception of the polls and forum-related widgets missing, and the page list widgets replaced with the links widget on this blog. Other than that, the sidebar of this blog and my website looks almost identical with same widgets and widget arrangements.

That’s it for now…

Summer holiday is ending soon

Hey guys;

So, the long, boring summer holiday is ending, within less than 3 weeks. Overall, this is the longest summer holiday that I’ve experienced, stretching from 11 June, which is when my last IGCSE exam ended. This means that me and the rest of year 11 gets at least 11 weeks of summer, with some getting more than that due to their exams finishing earlier than others.

Like I said earlier, this is the longest summer holiday, and is probably the last one that I will experience for the rest of high school years. Also, this summer holiday is once again, a time to relax fully and forget all about school, unlike last year where there are still homeworks to be done, but…that kind of summer is most likely coming back during the next summer, during the year 12/13 boundry.

There are quite a few good things about this, firstly when school starts I get to meet all of my friends again. Since at my school there are always new students, there might even be one or more coming into my year group,and that will bring in some fun to the year group. Secondly, there are activities awaiting me during IB years, which I’m quite excited about.

But, there are also negatives, mainly to do with the trolls. They had witnessed at least my rant earlier in June and how I asked one of my friend to intervene, and the person who intervened is also a girl. This can only mean one thing; the chance of the trolls launching the seventh trolls campaign based on the rant is almost a certainty. Already, some posts that I saw on Facebook recently indicates that they’re planning to do just about that. In addition to that, the chance of the trolls seeking revenge is a real possibility. Yet until now I still can’t come up with good countermeasures against these trolls.

Anyways, back to the summer holiday. Also my IGCSE results for the May/June 2013 session is coming out next Tuesday, which is what I’m excited off. Throughout the remaining days of the summer holiday, things will most likely continue to be boring and unproductive.