First week of school so far; very good

Hey guys;So, the first week of year 12 has passed, and I can was perfect! No trolls, nothing, unlike with last year.Now, that's very good, as this shows that the trolls can't find a good time to attack, or they're too busy with CAS and their studies to attack me. Either both is a … Continue reading First week of school so far; very good


Second day into the IB Diploma…not so bad

Hey guys;So, it's now day 2 of the IB Diploma, and I can say...things went rather easy, although I do have some difficulties sorting out the timetable, but that's now resolved.Also in Environmental Systems and Societies today, I've learned that a small residential trip is just down the road! Yes, at the end of September … Continue reading Second day into the IB Diploma…not so bad

First day of school; very good

Hey guys;So, the first day of what I will call a new era in my academic life has begun, was great; no lessons, just the IB Diploma induction day. The induction was boring,'s very important, and thus I will not consider it boring and unproductive since it contains necessary details about the course … Continue reading First day of school; very good

Summer holiday has ended

Hey guys; So, after a period of 11 weeks with virtually nothing in particular to do, it's finally over. The longest summer holiday has officially come to an end, with school starting tomorrow. Overall I can say, this 11 weeks is very boring, with virtually nothing to do, other than playing Pokemon and Sims 3, … Continue reading Summer holiday has ended

Minor updates to the blog

Hey guys; So, right from when this blog was created, I haven't written any posts concerning the changes of this blog,'s time to write about some changes that had occuurred on this blog. Mainly, what I've done is re-arranged some widgets on the sidebar, and also have added some extra widgets, mainly to match … Continue reading Minor updates to the blog

Summer holiday is ending soon

Hey guys; So, the long, boring summer holiday is ending, within less than 3 weeks. Overall, this is the longest summer holiday that I've experienced, stretching from 11 June, which is when my last IGCSE exam ended. This means that me and the rest of year 11 gets at least 11 weeks of summer, with … Continue reading Summer holiday is ending soon