2012 half-year summary

Hello guys,
So, we are now half-way through 2012. During this half, there are many events taking place around the world, all which affects people in a different way.
In the world of technology, there’s many new things going on around, but mostly new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple were just in an early stage of development, although Apple’s OSX Mountain Lion is due out soon, while Microsoft’s Windows 8 is due for October release.
In terms of my life, there are plentiful number of events, all of them are so epic that they had a strong impact on me as a whole.
The event in my life that dominates this half of the year is the annoyances at school. Like previous year, it has been going on non-stop. With this year comes a change. So far this year a new form of annoyances/troll emerged, the Facebook trolls. This is the latest addition, expanding on the already existing school trolls.
The most fun, exciting and memorable event so far would be of course the year 10 residential trip to Rayong. It’s the best residential trip yet in high school, and I have a lot of fun.
Probably the most dreadful event is April 5th. That date marks the end of the long second trolls era, and it did not end in a good way at all.
The most annoying day of all so far would be May 23rd. This date marks the start of the third trolls era, and it started off very intense. New wave of trolls spread very fast, like a wildefire, and within 2 days things started to go downhill. Fortunately the exams has helped keeping things from going further downhill, but when the exams are over, the power of trolls are back in full, and things started to get very bad.
That’s it for now…

Summer holiday is around the corner yea!

Hello guys!
So, the long hard academic year of 2011-2012 – year 10 is drawing to a close at last. Not much will be taking place during tomorrow and Friday, and everyone is just in a relaxing state. Year 10 is long and hard, but sadly parts of the year were cut because of the 2011 Thailand Flood.
But, with the passing away of year 10 also the passing away of many fun activities, like the residential trips and major house events. When my year group goes into year 11, we will be excluded from most of those events. But year 11 is also short, because we will spend term 3 taking the IGCSE exams, which are no doubt extremely hard.
That’s it for now…

Timeline of changes in students in my year group

Hello everyone;
So, since I started school at ST. Andrews International School around the last fraction of year 7, people in my year group had since undergo numerous changes, all of which are in the form of new students joining and old students leaving, affecting the population of the year group.
Year 8: Most people that I’ve started to know since the last 2-3 weeks of year 7 were still around, some, if not most, are still with me until present. The population stables around mid to higher-50s
Year 9: This is where the big change takes place. Not many students had left, probably less than 5; but the number of new students joining is numerous; about 7 to 9. This pushes the population of the year group to around lower-60s, and yet again, some, if not most old students are still around.
Year 10: Like year 9 there has been numerous changes. After year 9 I think there is barely any student that had left, but from my memory only 1 student that is known to had left. But still the number of new students joining is quite huge, around more than 5; the number could go up as high as that of year 9. This pushes the population up even more, I think it is somewhere near 70; but since about 3-4 existing students are known to had left, this brings the number of students down to about mid-60s.
So, as you can see, the population of my year group experienced the most rapid growth during year 9 and 10. I think my year group is now the most populous year group in the school.

Updates on trolls and some other updates

Hello guys,
So, it’s about some time since the trolls announced a troll war. Until today, no troll war has taken place at all. Perfect!
But there’s still roughly 2 weeks left, and like I said, the troll war can break out anytime. Luckily that had happened on June 10th did not showed any kind of bad effect on me, which is…very good.
Now, things seem to get a little bit better, but I still cannot put down my guard.

Troll war is on, things are not good

Hello guys;
So, I thought that the trolls would not start a war, but I’m wrong. Today they did it by embarrassing me during Chemistry by letting everyone see my blog, which is…not the right time for them!
So, since that, I would announced that the troll war has started officially. Tomorrow some of the trolls will not be here so that can be quite good, but the sad news is only the extensions of the troll will not be here, but the main core of the troll is still here in full, that means that they can still annoy me.
Now, things are very bad. I still don’t know what to do next.

New wave of troll war, things are very bad

Hey guys,
So, just very recently the trolls announced a new wave of troll war, and it seems that they will be carrying it out real throughout next week. Also one of the troll under the codename ‘Ethan’ tagged me on Facebook for what I can assume is an event, not the normal post, but I doubt it has something to do with relationships. This is a sign that a severe shift is going on, and that things can turn towards or against me any minute. This means that I will have to find a way to prevent such things from happening, and make sure that things shifted towards my side, otherwise things could turn against me and the result is me having to suffer the most and take most damage.
Now, things are quite confusing, and also very bad. I hope I can find a way out of this kind of event soon!

No troll war today yea!

Hey guys!
So, today has passed, and it went without a troll war that the trolls announced; which is…perfect!
I don’t know why the trolls didn’t initiate the war though, that is a bit ambiguous. But I think the most likely reason for why the war didn’t take place is because the girl that the trolls claimbed that I like/love is not here today.
Now, I need to consider myself lucky to avoid the war, but there’s still 3 weeks left, and a troll war can take place any moment during this 3 week. Next week will be particular short for the troll war because I heard that the girl that the trolls claimbed that I like/love is going on a Geography residential trip from 13th to 15th of June, which means that during those day the trolls are unlikely to conduct a war. This also means that the trolls have only Monday and Tuesday to launch a war. But due to that I fear that the war during these 2 days will be too intense.
At the moment, things are still very bad.

Trolls war tomorrow

Hello guys;
So, like I said in my earlier post, things had intensified to near its maximum. Like what I said, a trolls war is set for tomorrow, and I think I will lose for sure, if I didn’t do anything.
So, what time will the trolls most likely to launch an attack? During English lesson! English lesson is the best time for trolls to annoy me! The reason behind this is that the girl that the trolls claimbed that I like/love is in the same class as me, as well as some of the trolls.
Now things are desperately bad. But I still believe I can keep the trolls under my control.

Trolls intensified, trolls war set for Friday

Hello again,
So, things had now heated to near its maximum. Recently trolls had successfully fooled me to annoy the trolls so that they can annoy me even more! That’s extremely bad!
The best time for the war to start is during my English lesson on Friday, since the troll master who announced the war is in my class; that means that the troll master can exploit a chance when the English teacher is out of the room to annoy me to the maximum!
Now, I think I may have to declare ‘Emergency’, and announce the formation of the OAT (organization against trolls), due to the current situation. If I am lucky, I may be able to get some members by tomorrow, but I think that may not be enough to fight off the trolls. But the trolls are also likely to launch the war tomorrow!
Now, things are desperate. I don’t really know what will happen next.

Trolls are back, things are not so good

Hey guys,
So, my prediction earlier is correct, the trolls are back after the exams.
The second period of this thing had just started. I shared this blog on Facebook to about 5-6 of my friends. I thought people will just look at it and don’t do anything but…that’s totally wrong! Now trolls are commenting like crazy, posting typical message saying that I like someone! Now they even say they will let everyone in my class know tomorrow!
Now, things are getting bad. I don’t know what to do now.

My poem collection now available

Hello everyone,
So, I had made available now all poems that I’ve composed so far since April 2012.
You can get it via this forum thread, just click on the .zip file to download the entire collection. There are 7 poems in this collection.

The attachment is free to download, however you must be a member of the forum to reply. Registration is free though.

No more exams yea!

What’s up guys?
So, the exam week has finally drawn to a close, I feel very relaxed. No more exams for the remaining 4 weeks of year 10!
But, since the power of the exams had diminished, there’s a high possibility that the troll’s power will increase, and that implies that the trolls may start annoying me in excess again. Tuesday is what I am worry the most, since the lessons are back, and that means that I got English and Business Studies, and trolls are in both classes. This means that the trolls can exploit any chance that the teacher is not around to annoy me.
What I can hope is that trolls will not strengthen their power, because I am really sick of dealing with them.