Summary of the first half of 2013

Hey guys;

So, the first half of the year is almost over; with only 6 days left, so I guess it’s time to do a wrap-up of what’s going on so far.

Throughout this first half, in general there isn’t much going on, in terms of what I’ve heard from the media, other than some big news in the technology world, particularly the announcement of Apple’s iOS 7, OSX 10.9 Mavericks, the announcement of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 update for Windows 8, and Google’s experiment of providing internet access via a balloon, which if go ahead, will bring the entire plannet online.

Other than the big technology news, there isn’t much at all. Now let’s move on to what is going on in my life…

Well, this first half of 2013…I must say it is an absolute nightmare. Not only because there is no longer events like the residential trip and the sports day, but there are also various annoying things, mainly to do with the trolls.

The trolls had been as active as always, and this year they had done away already with the launch of the sixth trolls campaign in February. Also there are some signs that the trolls are looking to launch the seventh trolls campaign, but luckily that did not happen.

Probably the true nightmare is when the year 11 IGCSE exams season arrives. Yeah, it’s extremely boring, only to be made worse by the mass spam attack on my account from late May to early June, and this whole two-month period was made even worse by the passing away of one student in year 11, which is a sad news that shocked the whole of year 11 and various other people in the school.

Now, what I want to focus the most is the spam campaign, as that is what got me really annoyed.

So, from late May to early June, the trolls had been spamming my account, and I now have over 600 answers, mainly responses to dubious messages posted by the trolls, and yet until now I was still unable to identify the exact person behind the mass spam campaign.

And, what they posted is nothing but stupid/annoying messages, some, or even most of them, weren’t proper questions at all! Even if they’re proper questions, but the questions are too annoying for me to answer properly. At least some of my good friends had managed to get them to stop, and I also tried disabling my account for a short time, to drive spammers away. These 2 moves did worked, as up until now the amount of new questions are very minimal, even though I posted the link to my account on Facebook.

Probably the only event that I can enjoy is the Songkran celebration at school. It’s fun, and I did have some good times splashing water at people at the end of the day.

To wrap things up, already this first half is like a nightmare, and that’s why I had given this calendar year as one of the worst yet in high school. I really hope that the second half would be better, since there are already some events waiting down the road, particularly the international day and Loy Krathong. But the trolls will most likely continue to annoy me, and there is good chances that the seventh trolls campaign will erupt sometime during this second half, and that is certainly not good at all. Heck, it could even happen right on the first day of year 12!

That’s it for now…

My poems now available to download on Dropbox

Hey guys;

If you remember, I started writing poems about a year back; with my first successful poem written on around April 4th, 2012.

After that, I had written a number of poems, but they were not as successful as the first one, until I decided to write another one on June 2nd, 2013, which is the day one of my friend at school passed away. Due to this, the poem was written in a way that reflects what is happening, and…it turns out that this poem was really successful since I received a lot of likes when I posted this latest poem on Facebook!

So, here is a link to the directory containing these 2 poems. More poems might be added in the future.future as I write new ones

Update on the June 2nd event

Hey guys,

So, nothing much but just a quick update on what happened on June 2nd.

Well, the main update is its status. As of today, I will announce that I’m downgrading the June 2nd tragedy and put it as the worst event of high school. Overall from what I’ve been through, there’s nothing that could be worse than the loss of one of my good friend.

But however, when the 2013 wrap-up summary comes, this event will still be classed as the worst of the year, because…that’s where it deserves, but I’ll add the ‘worst event of high school’ as another status of this event. For the description of this event, you can read about it in my earlier post from June 2nd, which has more info about what happened.

So, what that means is that, the spot for the worst event of the year is pretty much set now, and there will be no further changes to this spot. Fun Run, if there is one later this year, will probably be put as either the third or second worst event of the year, as well as all the annoyances caused by the trolls; the main consideration whether which one of the two would be second worst is the mass spam campaign from late May to early June this year, which is the most annoying yet; again I don’t need to repeat the description here because it’s in my earlier posts; just find it which one has more description, or wait until I publish another trolls timeline, which will include the spam campaign as well.

That’s it for now…

The long-awaited summer holiday has begun (for year 11 students only)

Hey guys;

So, after 2 months of exams and revisions, it’s finally over. The IGCSE exam season for year 11 students including me has finally passed, and it’s now time for summer break (yes, year 11 gets extended holiday).

This is, once again, a time to relax and chill out, but this time I can enjoy it to the fullest. Last year wasn’t really a holiday due to summer homework.

Now, what to look for? The IB years (year 12 and 13)! It’s going to be exciting, expecially the CAS project which I had been thinking about it for some time. Also there might be some new activities that could be exciting and that I had never done before, which explains why IB can be quite exciting. But most importantly, the full academic year (around 180 days) will finally return, which means more spaces for potential out-of-school trips, particularly with ASDAN/CAS project.

Not just the subjects and the activities that are changing, but also people in my class. There might be new students, to replace those that have gone. There would be new people to socialize, and will hopefully maintain the year population status as the most populous year in the school. Moreover it is even possible that the population of the whole year might exceed the level recorded at the beginning of year 11!

But, with the new academic year comes some negatives. Most importantly the trolls will continue to annoy me for sure, and there is even risks of them starting new trolls campaigns, using new girls as a base. Also Fun Run might be returning, so that may be put as once again one of the worst event of 2013.

If Fun Run returns, then that would be a bit of a problem as I would then have to work out which event to put as the worst; between the June 2nd tragedy and the Fun Run. Ideally I could put both in the same position, as I dislike them equally. Or, I could just put Fun Run as the second worst event of the year; the main factor then would be the effect. Fun Run has a shorter term effect, while the June 2nd tragedy has a permanent and long term effect.

Actually, the IGCSE exam season could also be put as one of the events, but I would want to keep it out, although I may have to. My comments? Overall it is, as always, bad, but it was made worse by the mass spam campaign launched by the trolls and the June 2nd tragedy.

That’s it for now…

The attack on is finally over

Hey guys;

So, after watching the situation on for at least 3 days, the conclusion was…little to no spam was found.

So, this means that I can declare that the mass spam campaign on my account, ran by the trolls, has ended, and I won, partly due to the role of some of my good friends in keeping the trolls out, and also due to my choice to disable my account temporary, in order to discourage the trolls.

Also now, I’m adopting a new policy to fight against this type of mass spam campaign, which I think will work, and that is the non-intervention policy, which I had stated in my early post already that it involves deleting the spam messages instead of responding to them.

Also, since the IGCSE exams are largely over, people are entering holiday mode, and I think that includes the trolls. This means that there will be periods of inactivity, which is I guest is from today all the way to August 25th. This may also mean that this blog will as well receive very little or no update at all during this period, as there will be pretty much nothing to write about.

That’s it for now…

Update on the spam campaign

Hey guys;

Right, after a series of spam flooding my account, I finally have to take my fateful decision, which is to disable my account. I don’t want to, but it seems that there are factions both within the trolls and year 11 trying to pressure me to do so.

But, disabling the account means that the trolls have lost 1 channel in which to attack me; their only channels are Facebook and this blog. They may still use my old blog, but it would be useless due to lack of new contents, and the older contents are exactly the same, since the majority of posts here were imported from my old blog.

However, since the account is not yet deleted, I can still reactivate the account if I so desire, but if I do so then the spamming campaign would resume, but I think I may apply a different policy to tackle them.

Rather than my old policy of respond to all, instead I would use what I will call ‘selective’ and ‘indiscriminate deletion’. These basically means that I will not respond to spam messages submited by the trolls, but will delete them. The only main difference is that with selective deletion, all messages are screened by me reading through them, and those that should remain will be kept or answered, while the rest will be deleted. With indiscriminate deletion, all messages are deleted by activating the ‘delete all’ button, regardless whether they’re actually spams or proper/sensible questions.

For which policy to apply, it depends. If the batch is not huge, I can use selective deletion. But if the batch is very large, I will apply indiscriminate deletion.

This is like my Facebook non-intervention policy, since it does not involve me responding to the messages that comes into my account. On Facebook, these were usually ignored, but for, they’ll be deleted so that I won’t have to bother with pending questions in the future.

That’s it for now…

Trolls spam campaign on is resuming

Hey guys,

So, after 2 days of inactivity, as of today, it seems that the spamming campaign on my account is resuming, according to the latest batch of questions that I received on

Actually, it could have begun since yesterday, since yesterday I received 1 question that seems to be from the trolls.

But today the evidence is clear. The message from the trolls urging me to surrender is one clear example of a sign that this spamming campaign has resumed.

Until now, I still don’t know the exact person/group of people behind this, but I suspect that the trolls are involved, due to the style of language used for the questions. They’re too familiar!

Anyways, at least since there is no school until August 26th I don’t have to fear of any kind of mass attack at school. But what I’m fearing now is if the spamming campaign continues into the holiday, then the possibility of mass attack at school when the school opens again is a real possibility that cannot be ignored.

That’s it for now…

The worst event of 2013 overall – death of one of my friend in year 11

Hey guys:(,

Oh, what a bad start for the day:(.

Today, I woke up as normal, and check my inbox as usual, only to learn some very shocking news. I have just lost one of my great friend in my class!

It is a terrible thing to happen during this time where everyone is busy with revisions for their IGCSE exams, and for me is no different.

I don’t know why it had happened to me though, and I’m sure this is the first time that something like this had happened to me.

This news sent everyone in year 11 into the mood of morn, and I shall morn my deceased friend as well, and I will never forget her.

Update: I had finally decided to downgrade this event to the worst event of 2013 overall, because I don’t think there is anything worse than this, and what had happened had a long-lasting effect on me and the rest of year 11.

Oh, what a tragedy that I had just witnessed!