Trolls appears to be quiet, but…

Hey guys; So, this is now the second week of the holiday. So far, the trolls had been very quiet, until...just a moment ago... ...Yep, a new question pops up, and...from reading the question I immediately realize that...the trolls might not be completely quiet during the summer; that question is a sign that...oh, you … Continue reading Trolls appears to be quiet, but…


Summary of the first half of 2014

Hey guys;So, time has gone by pretty fast, and we're now just a little way over half year. Including this month, we have 6 more months until 2014 ends.Over the first half, a number of events had occurred that attracted the attention of the press, E.G the Ukraine crisis, the Thai political crisis that led … Continue reading Summary of the first half of 2014

Summer holiday…at last!

Hey guys;So, after 179 days of school, the academic year of 2013-2014 has finally come to an end. Overall, year 12 has been great, with 4 residential trips. In addition, I get to meet new people and make new friends, and...I had also begun the socialization program, to build up friendship with people from other … Continue reading Summer holiday…at last!

What a great house building trip!

Hey guys;So, the Habitat for Humanity house building trip has finally ended. Overall...I must say, it's a great trip, despite hard work.Me and the year 12s stayed at the Hermitage Hotel and Resort, in Khorat. The hotel itself is not too bad; the only thing that's bad is that the room I was in has … Continue reading What a great house building trip!