Trolls appears to be quiet, but…

Hey guys;

So, this is now the second week of the holiday. So far, the trolls had been very quiet, until…just a moment ago…

…Yep, a new question pops up, and…from reading the question I immediately realize that…the trolls might not be completely quiet during the summer; that question is a sign that…oh, you guess it…a conspiracy to launch a new trolls campaign when school starts in August. Although the person who asked that question is not anonymous like before, but…I doubt it is the trolls who executed the operation.

In addition, this confirms yet the same fear as before; the next girl the trolls will claim that I like will not be in the same year as me; but some years younger (to be more specific, 3 years younger than me). If proved correct, this will be the second time that a trolls campaign involves people from younger years.

Now, since I now knew that this might be coming, I need to find ways to deal with this new wave of rumors that may potentially come. Of which how I will deal with them, I’m not sure yet.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Update! Another wave of spam hit my account, and…it seems that the initial fear of the next trolls campaign involving someone 3 years younger than me will not come true; but instead this sort of confirms my initial fear that followed the wave of spam in early May, that the next trolls campaign will involve someone who might be 2 years younger than me.

Summary of the first half of 2014

Hey guys;

So, time has gone by pretty fast, and we’re now just a little way over half year. Including this month, we have 6 more months until 2014 ends.

Over the first half, a number of events had occurred that attracted the attention of the press, E.G the Ukraine crisis, the Thai political crisis that led to a military coup in May, and…of course, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

In terms of my life events, this year…every single month up to June there’s at least one event that is worth taking note of. Most of them were great, E.G the year 12 Kanchanaburi residential trip in January, the year 12 Geography+ESS/Biology Chiang Mai trip in March, the Spring Dance, and the prom, to name just a few. I guess…the first half of 2014 is the most eventfull, as stated there’s at least one good event every month.

However, there’s also some bad events; mainly to do with the trolls. The seventh trolls campaign dominated most of the first half, and there were attempts to launch a new trolls campaign, particularly in March, which never materialize. However, the trolls did successfully launch a new trolls campaign in June, although since it appeared only about 2 weeks before the academic year ends, I’m thinking of demoting it to the status of a proxy campaign, for yet more bigger trolls campaign to come, but note this new trolls campaign may be able to retain its status, if activities relating to this resumed when school starts again in late August.

So…what to look for in the second half? Well…not much – the International Day, and MUN conferences, one of which I’m part of the organizing committee, and…Operation Smile, if I decided to take part of which I will most likely do anyway. Oh wait…Halloween Carnival as well, I mustn’t forget.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Summer holiday…at last!

Hey guys;

So, after 179 days of school, the academic year of 2013-2014 has finally come to an end. Overall, year 12 has been great, with 4 residential trips. In addition, I get to meet new people and make new friends, and…I had also begun the socialization program, to build up friendship with people from other years. There were also many exciting and fun events, for example the Halloween Carnival, Fun Run, Fun Day, the Spring Dance, the STA Got Talent Show, the 2014 senior prom, and the charity dodgeball tournament. I enjoyed all of them.

However, this year has also been marked by negative events, mainly to deal with the trolls. This year saw the birth of the seventh trolls campaign, and also very recently, the eighth. In addition, there were a number of incidents, of which I’m either involved directly or indirectly, or not at all, and some were quite notorious, while some were rather minor.

And…lastly, with the end of the academic, some people in my year will be leaving, and…I will miss them all. For how many people in my year are leaving, I’m not quite sure.

Anyways, summer holiday is a time to relax, although for me…there’s work to be done; namely the extended essay, IAs, and other homework.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

What a great house building trip!

Hey guys;

So, the Habitat for Humanity house building trip has finally ended. Overall…I must say, it’s a great trip, despite hard work.

Me and the year 12s stayed at the Hermitage Hotel and Resort, in Khorat. The hotel itself is not too bad; the only thing that’s bad is that the room I was in has no built-in laptop charger, which means that the use of my laptop has to be rationed, down to just writing diaries. But…at least there’s still phone chargers, which is very good indeed.

Now, on to the building activity itself…

For this trip, I was lucky to be assigned in the supply line, delivering supplies to the builders, which is very easy, although some stuff, like bricks, are quite heavy and today’s job proved that, when I was tasked with arranging bricks into a single big pile. I also had a chance to mix cement, which isn’t too hard, but requires lots of energy. I also had a chance to dig sand and put them into buckets, of which I found very easy, and…when I thought about it, I should have been assigned this job in the first place!

All in all, this trip was still a great trip, and last night proved that, with karaoke, which is quite fun. This is also the first time that I actually see a house coming together, from stocks of raw materials, which is a good experience. Moreover I get a chance to learn a little bit about the issues connected with this project, mainly the housing shortage for poor people who are in-need of housing, which is a big issue globally, in my opinion.

The food at the hotel and at the building site wasn’t too bad either. Moreover I even get a chance to pick my own food for dinner, which is amazing! However, compared with other past residentials, the Geography phase of the Chiang Mai one was much freer, since I have full control over what I have for lunch and dinner.

Overall, I would say that this trip ranks amongst the best, and this trip would join in the same spot as the Kanchanaburi trip and the Chiang Mai trip, to eventually become the best event of 2014 – all residential trips throughout the year. Sadly this one was the last one, although there might be one more, if I decided to participate in Operation Smile in year 13, which I will most likely do.

Anyways, that’s it for now…