Half-term holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after a week, the half-term holiday is finally drawing to a close. On Monday, school will start, and will mark the beginning of the second half-term for term 1.

Now, there are at least 4 main events that I’m looking forward to: The Halloween Carnival, the Ekamai MUN conference, the Loy Krathong, and the Christmas Fair. But…since each of them are a bit far apart, I think I will not merge them into the great second half-term event, although the Halloween Carnival and the Ekamai MUN conference I might probably merge into super November, and great November, if Loy Krathong is not too far away.

Now, on to what’s going on during this half term…

Well, there’s not much, but…there is one, and only one, very negative thing that has happened, and that is…the annoyances by the trolls.

During this half-term holiday, the trolls have managed to launch a new wave of annoyances, including a new ask.fm spam campaign. The new wave of spam was very bad, but wasn’t as bad as the one back in May/June. And for those of you wondering, here’s the background of this new wave of annoyances…

It all started from an event in the news, the fires that took place at Khlong Toey. I didn’t know about the event until I heard it on the car radio on my way back from a bike ride in Phutthamonthon in Nakhon Pathom. I didn’t took it seriously, until…the day after, this came to my attention when someone from year 12; probably the trolls, decided to use the incident as a tool to annoy me by altering facts and accusing me of starting the fires, when…in reality it’s not true at all.

Then, after that, this false accusation began spreading very rapidly, and…it eventually spilled on to my ask.fm profile, where I received many troll messages linked to the false accusation. No matter how hard I tried in telling them to stop, they did not, and seems to intensify their claims.

Then, came another incident where, yet again, a fire at south Pataya was used as a tool to annoy me, yet again using the same method – facts alteration, but this is like a continuation of the previous case, so…there’s virtually nothing new.

Yet, as the half-term holiday progresses, the annoyances did not stop, even though I told the trolls to stop during my Pataya trip so that I can have a good trip. And…the result is, the annoyances continues throughout the whole of half-term, and caused some disturbances during my Pataya trip where I’m regularly bombarded by notifications and new email messages saying that I have a new question on ask.fm and someone has commented on my Facebook status/photo. That, combined with the amount of annoyances received during this half-term holiday, made me extremely mad, even now. If this continues, I will declare war on the trolls, and I will of course seek external help from my good friends, as…I can’t let this go on forever.

Now, let’s move on to some good things, shall we?

Well, again it’s about the Pataya trip…

The trip, I must say, isn’t that bad, although it could have gone better without the annoyances by the trolls! I stayed at Centara Grand Hotel, and…I must say, it’s a big hotel! Even the swimming pool itself was already big, with so many pools! In fact, there weren’t many, but what’s many is the sliders, but…they all lead to the very same pool that seems to go around in circle, with flowing water current. But the pool that I spend the most time is the main big pool, because that’s where the majority of people were concentrated. I do like it. There are a lot of people, especially kids (I love playing with kids), but I didn’t get a chance to make friends with most of them though. In the pool, especially in the main big pool, I just…float around, since it’s quite boring, until some random kids decided to mess with me or it’s time for me to get out.

Anyways, I guess that’s it for now…

Update on the seventh trolls campaign

Hey guys;

So, I thought that the holiday would be quiet, but…what happened over the past few days proved that it’s not!

It all starts off with something totally unrelated, the fires at Khlong Toey. I didn’t take this seriously, as it has nothing to do with me.

But, this came to my attention, when, for some idiotic reasons, someone in year 12; probably the trolls, decided to use it as a tool to annoy me, by accusing me of starting the fires. This is…totally nonsense, and…even though they knew that it’s not true, they decided to alter the facts and turn it into a weapon to annoy me, yet until today they didn’t seem to stop.

Now, as stated, this is very annoying, and came with that is the resumption of the ask.fm spam campaign, which is also related to the new false accusations, and…what I’ve seen on my ask.fm is the worst yet since the May/June spam campaign.

It seems to me, that the trolls had decided not to listen to what I said. No matter how many times I said that it’s not true, they immediately ignore that and continue to say that I’m the one starting the fires. IT’S VERY ANNOYING, AND…THEY STILL DO IT EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW THAT I’M EXTREMELY MAD!

I’m not sure what’s the motivation for doing this, but…I doubt it has something to do with the seventh trolls campaign, since…they noticed that I’ve been denying their rumors for the past month. Since they knew that the rumors will not get anywhere, they decided to change tactics and used this news story as a tool to hopefully force me to accept their rumors. BUT…SADLY, THAT WON’T HAPPEN!

Now, although I did not want to declare war on the trolls, but if this continues, I will have to announce my formal declaration of war on the trolls. YES, I’M ACTUALLY SERIOUS. FROM TOMORROW UNTIL SATURDAY I’M OFF TO PATAYA WITH MY FAMILY, AND IF THE TROLLS CONTINUE TO ANNOY ME AND SPOIL MY TRIP, I WILL ANNOUNCE MY FORMAL DECLARATION OF WAR ON THE TROLLS!

I think, this is probably the first time, that the trolls used a news item in the media as a tool to annoy me, by altering facts and making false accusations.

So far, things seems about to go bad.

That’s it for now…

International Day today; great!

Hey guys;

So, the International Day is finally here. Overall, I must say, today was great! No lessons as always, and the activities today wasn’t that bad either, so does all those international food.

The day starts off with a whole school assembly as like previous years, again with many great performances showing different countries cultures.

After break, this is where the real day begins! Me and all the other year 12’s were tasked to find some world news, and then we have a quick quiz. It was fun; everyone was like following 1 or 2 people; and eventually most people got knocked out since we all got the wrong answers. But overall it was very fun.

Next, we did some stuff about the Nobel Peace Price, which is…alright though, and the team I worked with is amongst the winners!

Today’s event is…basically a wrap-up of the great first half-term. Now it’s over; I must say, it’s the best half-term ever! This event will surely be rated as the best event of 2013!

Now, the next half-term is coming up, and already 4 events are up on the table. The Halloween Carnival, the Ekamai MUN conference, the Loy Krathong, and the Christmas Fair! Since they’re a bit distance apart, I may not merge all of them, or I might, I’m not too sure yet; I will decide on that later.

That’s it for now…

Update on the seventh trolls campaign, and some other stuff

Hey guys;

Mainly, today I want to focus on the seventh trolls campaign…

So, today I had witnessed the resurfacing of the rumors that make up the seventh trolls campaign. This proved to me that the seventh trolls campaign is not yet dead, and is ready to spring into action anytime.

Now, that can be bad, as…it is impossible to tell when they will roar back into life again, and what will they do to me.

Also…I had just discovered that one of the main member of the trolls had found out about the new rumors. This means that…from now on things will be difficult to predict and control.

Now, as stated, probably the best way is to keep denying the rumors, as I’ve learned that accepting the rumors won’t work. In fact, I could give it a second go at accepting rumors and try to build the organization against trolls (OAT), but…is it even worth-it spending my time and effort only to find out that my ambitions will one day fail, or one day the trolls will find a way to intervene and make things turn against me? Personally, I think it’s not worth-it, considering the fact that the trolls have the power to intervene my plans and to ensure that my plans will fail. That’s why I had decided not to accept rumors, from the sixth trolls campaign onwards.

Oh wait, did I mention that there are spies out there? Yes, there are spies employed by the trolls to read my blog and to find contents that can be used to annoy me. I’m very certain, that if the trolls are reading this post right now, they will find this keyword ‘accepting the rumors’, and translate it into the message that I had accepted the rumors, spreading it to other members of the trolls, and then launch their attacks tomorrow. That’s indeed scary, very scary as it could happen without me knowing it, and things would rapidly worsen.

Another option that is a bit extreme, that if the trolls continue to annoy me, I could announce my declaration of war against the trolls, hence starting the proper trolls war. But again, that can have some negative impacts. Mainly, they will then start building alliances; possibly with other years, and they might even try to launch the eight trolls campaign, and subsequently, the ninth trolls campaign, and these would be short-lived, or…what’s worse is that, the trolls could design the 2 new trolls campaigns in a way that they will run alongside the seventh trolls campaign. They could even try to revive the sixth, the fifth, the fourth, the third or even the second trolls campaign and run them simultaneously! That’s probably the worst that could happen, in which by then the situation will become uncontrollable. Because of that, this option is also not a good option; regardless, I’m going to use my current method of denial for the time being. But I can declare war on the trolls at anytime, if they really want me to do so.

Now, on to other things…

Well, it’s nearly half-term, and…it’s indeed exciting. Oh wait, there’s an event on the horizon, the International Day of 2013! The activity for the day hasn’t been revealed yet, but probably tomorrow or on the day. But it will indeed be fun; I heard that there will be no lessons; so…cool!

That’s it for now…

ISGB conference on October 12th; good

Hey guys;

So, it’s now 2 days after the ISB conference (yes, I should have written this post immediately after I came back, but I was quite busy with homeworks). I can say, it’s good though, although it could have been much better if my other Venezuelan delegate wasn’t absent!

Now, on to the actual conference…

Well, the place is a huge school; I think much bigger than my school. There’s an opening ceremony to get the conference going. Then, everyone was splitted up into committees and went to their rooms.

Right, after that, it’s like being in an alien world of strangers. Once again, it was because my other Venezuelan delegate was absent. Virtually I’m the only one from STA!

Now, on to the debate. Well, it was boring, but there’s also some fun parts, particularly when drafting the resolutions. Once again, i have to work with people that I don’t even know, but I did try to make some contributions.

Through the rest of the morning, it’s generally good, with I think 1 or 2 resolutions being passed/rejected. Lunch wasn’t too bad though, and I get to eat with the other MUN students from STA.

Probably the main highlight is in the afternoon. To start off, there’s this emergency announcement of an astaroid smashing into Hong Kong, causing infectious diseases to spread all over the world, and…all delegates were asked to draft a resolution to fix the problem.

Now’s the real funn and funny part! I’m in a group drafting a somewhat peaceful resolution, but the part that is funny is that the resolution calls for classical musicians to play to stop the virus (aka a zombie) from spreading. But probably the real play comes when all delegates were asked to read out the group’s resolution. One delegate fron North Korea proposes a resolution to kill all infected humans, which is quite strange and funny as well. Oh wait…I remember my group’s resolution is better supported, and I remember that it passed. Eventually, at the end, the North Korean resolution couldn’t be voted as there’s equal number of delegates voting for and against the resolution.

After that, some more resolutions were debated, with I think a few of them passed, and the day ends with a closing ceremony.

Overall, I’d say that this event is good, and…I should be able to get some photos for CAS, as before the event I did prompted my supervisor to take photos. It’s certainly going to be the third best event of 2013, unless if it’s merged into the great first half-term event.

That’s it for now…

Today’s Rayong trip; very good and…funny in parts!

Hey guys!

So, today is the year 12 IB Business trip to Rayong; to visit and interview Ford. It’s certainly good, as it’s the first time that I’ve been in a real factory.

The journey took a bit long, since the factory is located in Rayong. But…on the way there it wasn’t overly boring, because there’s people who kept me entertained by creating funny jokes and doing weird things that made me laugh.

Now, on to the factory itself. It’s quite moddern, and everyone met in the central meeting room with some brief introductions and interviews, and then we moved on to the real production process.

The production line was a bit hot, but not too bad, and there are light indicators for areas that we’re allowed to visit, as explained by the security video during the introduction. The guide explained to us some useful information that is needed to complete the worksheet that is given out before entring the factory.

After that, we have short breaks, and then we departed for Bangkok.

Now, on the way back, it was still as entertaining as the way to Rayong, once again thanks to the funny jokes and weird things that people creates, and…the most entertaining and funny thing of all, at the back there are constant singing by some of my friends, which…the voices aren’t that good either, and sometimes they laughed and the laughter caught me and make me laugh along as well.

Overall, the trip was great, and I can say…I will certainly give it the rating as the second best event of the year, just behind the ESS Khao Yai trip. However, there are 2 more events that are so close to each other – the ISB conference (2 days away), and the International Day (5-7-8 days away). Since today’s trip, the ESS Khao Yai trip, and the upcoming 2 events are so close together, I’m thinking of merging them into the single event, the ‘great first half-term’, and it will become the best event of 2013.

That’s it for now…

Seventh trolls campaign spreads, things starting to look bad

Hey guys;

So, today it’s clear that the seventh trolls campaign is slowly spreading, since there are some people talking about the rumors. But…it could be another instance of raging rumors, and soon they would subside, and…I think that’s what is going to happen; the rumors will eventually subside since few people showed interest in them.

But, there is a chance that this round of rumor spreading is serious, and that it may lead to rumors raging up again, this time they will not subside, potentially making the situation very bad.

And, for a way to fight these rumors; as stated earlier simply accepting them will not work, and I can see…if I accept the rumors, the trolls might try to introduce an intervening/killing agent, since they may know my potential goal and…they will try to stop me from achieving it, by intervening the process/killing the seventh trolls campaign through some more crafted rumors. At this point, I think I can still ignore these rumors, but…if the rumors become wild, it will be impossible to ignore. I think, denying the rumors is the best thing to do, as that prevents the trolls from making any further progress, like what I’ve done during the days of the sixth trolls campaign. But, will that work if the trolls have actually spied on me for the past weeks and they got evidence to support the rumors? That’s what I’m afraid of the most – the trolls spying and actually keeping evidence of my activities for the purpose of annoying me at a later date.

Also, tomorrow is the Business Rayong trip, and…it’s exciting. But, most members of the trolls are on the trip, so…that means that I’m not safe from them; they can annoy me on the bus, or at any time during the trip!

So far, things are starting to look very bad. I hope tomorrow’s trip goes well!

That’s it for now…


Update on the seventh trolls campaign

Hey guys;

Well, mainly I want to update some stuff about the seventh trolls campaign, since I think it’s a while since I last posted updates regarding this trolls campaign.

Well, I thought that things would be quiet, but…it seems that things are not going that way. After I came back from Khao Yai, I have discovered that the rumors that formed this seventh trolls campaign is slowly spreading, but not in the way that I usually seen, but rather in secrecy.

Now, if that’s the case, that can be dangerous, because the trolls can decide to reveal their discovery anytime; particularly during the upcoming Business trip to Rayong, because…nearly all members of the trolls are on the trip, and there’s good chance that they will get me on that day. Also…today I came over a discussion between some trolls, and from what I’ve heard…it seems clear to me that the rumors that evolved into the seventh trolls campaign is based on activity observations (in other words, I’m being spied). That’s certainly not good at all.

But, there’s still hope that the trolls will not bring up the rumors, thus making things looked calm, and I hope they will not do so, because once these rumors spread, it will be impossible for me to control the situation. When that happens, the method of simply ignoring the rumors will probably not work, which means I have to come up with a new method.

That’s it for now…

The best event of 2013!

Hey guys;

So, tit’s finally happened. The long-awaited residential trip! It’s for ESS students. I’ve just came back today. Overall, I can say…it was amazing! I did get a lot of data for my IA lab report, which is great.

So, me and my ESS class went to stay at ST. Steven International School in Khao Yai. It wasn’t bad though, but the food wasn’t that great either. The dorm was huge, with air conditioners to keep the room cool. The weather during the trip was friendly – no rain at all, apart from some short showers during yesterday afternoon.

The activity that is probably the highlight of this trip is the forest trekking, which was during day 2. It was long, hard and tiring, and dirty with leeches. But…I managed to get through without getting any leech bites! Some of my friend did got some leeches though. At the end, everyone was exhausted and dirty.

Other than that, the activity of note is today’s ecological investigation along the lake, which involves catching fish. This is the first time that I get to fish! At first I caught nothing, but as time passes I managed to caught 31 shrimps, 26 fish and even an water mite! That’s great, isn’t it?

Well, that’s probably it for the major activities. The trip was short, sadly. Overall, I would give this event a rating as the best event of the year, because…for the rest of this year, there’s nothing that could be better than this ESS trip.

That’s it for now…