Another update on spam campaign

Hello, So, just a quick update on the mass spamming campaign on So, what I've noticed so far? Well, it seems that those spammers will generally attack during a certain time of the day. From what I can observe, most attacks were carried out at night, while during the day I received almost no … Continue reading Another update on spam campaign


Update on themass attack on

Hey guys,So, the mass spamming campaign on is not over yet, as stated in my earlier post. Today the amount of spam was unusually low, but they can skyrocket anytime, since the trolls already have the link to my account in their hands.I did tried to answer those question in a language that … Continue reading Update on themass attack on

Welcome to the new blog!

Hello! Welcome to the new blog! So, as you can see, it didn't looked much different from my old Blogger blog, and that is true. What I've done is imported all posts into this blog, so I don't have to write everything from scratch. Well, why do I change blogs again? Well, the main reason … Continue reading Welcome to the new blog!

A wave of new attack on is up

Hey, Just a quick post here… Right, just as I thought the attack on my account is over, but…I was wrong! Terribly wrong! A while ago yet more people mounted more attacks on my account! This is something very bad! Still, I can’t determine the origins of these attacks, but according to several … Continue reading A wave of new attack on is up

Updates on the attack

Hey guys; Yeah, the attack on my account is…as of last night, seems to have died down a bit. But overall throughout the course of the campaign, it is terrible. I still don’t know who is behind the attacks, but I think the trolls are most likely, due to the style of writing they … Continue reading Updates on the attack

A new attack

HelloSo, while I was enjoying my free time off revision periods, just today after coming back from Thailand Mobile Expo 2013 I had starting to receive something that made me mad.And, that thing is that there seems to be some groups of people, knowing that I have an account, use it as another source … Continue reading A new attack

Some new thoughts

Hey guys;In my earlier posts, I had stated that the trolls are now under a new, extremist leadership. Even so, my policy towards the trolls did not change; my ultimate aim is still the same, and that is to demolish the trolls, regardless of their leadership.Now, earlier I had stated a number of possible operations … Continue reading Some new thoughts

Trolls timeline

Hey guys;So, it's about 3-4 months since I last publish this kind of summary. Since then, things had changed a lot, including the addition of a new trolls campaign.But, the basic concepts are the same as my previous summaries, so I'm not going to repeat them here; click on the older posts link near the … Continue reading Trolls timeline

Year 11 has ended

Hey guys;So, as expected, today year 11 has officially come to an end. Overall, year 11 I can say must be one of the most boring year yet. Worse, there is no residential trips and sports day, and ASDAN trips are few; most are concentrated in term 1 of the year.Even worse, there is the … Continue reading Year 11 has ended