Another update on spam campaign


So, just a quick update on the mass spamming campaign on…

So, what I’ve noticed so far? Well, it seems that those spammers will generally attack during a certain time of the day. From what I can observe, most attacks were carried out at night, while during the day I received almost no new question on

The only real exception is today, when after I came back from class, I noticed that there are close to 10 questions. That’s not huge, compared to the morning’s batch. That one was even worse. When I woke up this morning, I was horified to find close to 20 questions on! And, like what I’ve stated in my previous posts, they’re nothing but stupid questions that I don’t want to answer, or sometimes questions that if I answered something the spammers (aka the trolls) would use it to annoy me later on.

Like what I’ve stated earlier, the battle against the trolls is far from over, as I’m very certain that mass spamming campaign will continue. What’s worried me on top of my head now is what could happen when the school opens again in August. The trolls could use what they’re gathered on to launch full-scale attack against me at school, and that will make the whole situation worse; I still don’t forget that the possibility of a new trolls campaign is highly likely!

Update: Below is a cropped screenshot of my page.


Notice the red highlight. The part that has a red box around shows how much answers I have. In fact;not all of these are questions; some, or a good number of these, are just messages intended to make me mad. I think I had never seen anyone on with over 500 answers within less than a month of account creation.

Other than that, I guest that’s it for now…

Update on themass attack on

Hey guys,

So, the mass spamming campaign on is not over yet, as stated in my earlier post. Today the amount of spam was unusually low, but they can skyrocket anytime, since the trolls already have the link to my account in their hands.

I did tried to answer those question in a language that will put them off, but to no effect. The mass spamming continues, and if you look at my account profile at, I now have over 400 answers! That’s way grater than most of my friends who also have!

And, the most striking thing is that, those over 400 questions are nothing but mostly spams/jokes that make me mad, as you can tell by some exceptionally harsh replies to those messages.

Now, since my replies to those spam messages were published on Facebook as well, that at least alerts people that is good towards me about the level of spam. Now, my hope is for those people to try to tell the most likely person who started the spamming campaign to stop.

In situations like this, I think trying to drive them out is the only way. My policy of non-intervention does not work because I’ll always get notifications of new questions on Deleting my account entirely is the best way to cut the flow of the trolls, but I think that is a bit extreme and I would reserve it for the absolutely worst situation.

I did tried to disable anonymous posting, but them faced with another threat of some trolls creating new accounts using my identity, to fool people that I’m not the person who I say I am.

Until now, I can’t find a workable and practical solution to this.

That’s it for now…

Welcome to the new blog!


Welcome to the new blog!

So, as you can see, it didn’t looked much different from my old Blogger blog, and that is true.

What I’ve done is imported all posts into this blog, so I don’t have to write everything from scratch.

Well, why do I change blogs again? Well, the main reason is, I’m beginning to have difficulties creating new posts on my Blogger blog, since my Jaws screen reader apparently stops working with it. Also, after trying out for a while, I found out that it is more customizable than Blogger.

So, what else? I guest that’s it for now…

A wave of new attack on is up


Just a quick post here…

Right, just as I thought the attack on my account is over, but…I was wrong! Terribly wrong! A while ago yet more people mounted more attacks on my account! This is something very bad!

Still, I can’t determine the origins of these attacks, but according to several sources, they’re people from my school, and I will find out who is behind all of this.

This basically sets ground for another move to be carried out, code named ‘Operation Spam Hunt’. Its goal is to hunt down the exact individuals or groups of people behind the mass attacks on my account.

That’s it for now…

Updates on the attack

Hey guys;

Yeah, the attack on my account is…as of last night, seems to have died down a bit. But overall throughout the course of the campaign, it is terrible.

I still don’t know who is behind the attacks, but I think the trolls are most likely, due to the style of writing they use. But even if I can tell that the trolls are behind this attack, I still cannot pinpoint exactly who in the trolls army did it, since the questions were asked anonymously. I think the trolls used because they knew that it would be impossible for me to pinpoint who did it exactly.

Also, another thing that they’re trying to do is treating like Facebook, by submitting questions with contents that isn’t questions at all, but ordinary messages intending to provoke continuous discussions or lengthy arguments.

So far, this is the latest channel that the trolls have managed to exploit. Now I’m beginning to have feelings that the trolls will try to use whatever online space that is mine to attack me. They still have yet to use my website as battlegrounds though, which is good.

That’s it for now…

A new attack

So, while I was enjoying my free time off revision periods, just today after coming back from Thailand Mobile Expo 2013 I had starting to receive something that made me mad.
And, that thing is that there seems to be some groups of people, knowing that I have an account, use it as another source to troll me.
Now, I don’t know the origins of these people, but I suspect that some year 11 students are involved, and I will do whatever I can to crush these attacks.
So, if you are the person who asked me some silly questions and you are reading this now, I urge you to stop, as it is very annoying answering some questions that is either doesn’t make sense, is too obvious, or is a repeat of another question that has been answered already.
That’s all that I want to say for today…

Some new thoughts

Hey guys;
In my earlier posts, I had stated that the trolls are now under a new, extremist leadership. Even so, my policy towards the trolls did not change; my ultimate aim is still the same, and that is to demolish the trolls, regardless of their leadership.
Now, earlier I had stated a number of possible operations to carry out, and one of them was Operation Peacekeeper, which is an attempt to end conflicts through peaceful means. But if that fails, I had also thought up of several moves to go against the trolls. One of them was Operation Extremist Killer, which aims to overthrow the extremist leader of the trolls and leave them leaderless, but now I had decided to merge it under a new, bigger move, codename ‘Operation Super Purge’, which aims to completely destroy the trolls and their will to annoy me, once and for all.
Also, another move that I have just come up with, is the move codename ‘Operation Backtracker’, which is based on the success of my continuous denial of the rumors of the latest trolls campaign.
What Operation Backtracker does is to go back through olders rumors raised by the trolls, and to openly deny those rumors, and I will let it be known that this can include rumors as old as the one created back in year 9 or 8. The aim of this is to at least try to reverse the effects of my acceptance of those rumors, and hopefully what the trolls tried to do back on December 7th last year would be reversed as well.
For these moves, I will try to think of a way to execute them, in year 12 of course.
That’s it for now…

Trolls timeline

Hey guys;
So, it’s about 3-4 months since I last publish this kind of summary. Since then, things had changed a lot, including the addition of a new trolls campaign.
But, the basic concepts are the same as my previous summaries, so I’m not going to repeat them here; click on the older posts link near the bottom of this page to find the previous summary, which tells you the basic concepts of classifying trolls campaigns and the duration of each one. Alternatively, you could try searching for something like ‘trolls summary’, which would be faster than scrolling through posts, and my previous summaries should be in the search results.
Anyways, let’s get to the main content of this post…
Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009
The first form of what I would eventually classified as trolls appeared when I first started high school. Back then, there were no organized groups of trolls, and no distinct trolls campaigns. Although at some point they did started using the theme of me liking a girl as their bases to annoy me, but it wasn’t used extensively.
First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010
The first form of what I will call a proper trolls campaign appeared in late 2009 when I was in year 8. Oh yes, by this time I had moved to STA, due to unsolvable problems with my previous school. Again, there were no organized groups of trolls to carry out the attack, and the campaign did not appear to be too strong. Until this point, there were no Facebook trolls.
Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012
This is the start of a modern form of a trolls campaign, and is the longest, and is also the first trolls campaign that I was able to record its exact end date (day, month, year). This trolls campaign spans almost 2 years, and I can say it’s the worst. It began in late 2010; this trolls campaign…I can say was pretty groundless; they simply picked on one of the new girls that arrived in year 9 (although the fact that I may have knew her since year 7 may be a catalyst). At first things were pretty much like the first trolls campaign (although matters did came to a head in January 2011), but things quickly calmed down.
As year 10 began, this trolls campaign continues, but with a more intensifying tone. Things came to a head in late January 2012 when I first experimented posting on othe people’s wall. After that, February was a month of catastrophe. On one of the posts on someone’s wall, the comment sored to over 100, and this is the time when Facebook trolls and organized groups of trolls came into existence. Also by now the trolls had learned to drag people into the conflict by tagging them on Facebook. March 2012 was pretty calm, with the exception of the night on March 12th when the trolls launched what I will codename ‘Operation Comment Flood’ on one of my post on someone’s wall, that is, over 20 comments within a few seconds! Then, things appeared to have calmed down a bit. But, as term 2 of year 10 is drawing to a close, the trolls did use the April Fools Day to launch another attack, which lead to the end of the second trolls campaign on April 5th.
 Third trolls campaign: May 23rd, 2012 to August 30th, 2012
This was the first trolls campaign that once again I was able to record its start date. It had actually began on the night of May 22nd, but it did not burst out into the open until the following day. Tagging people on Facebook was used more extensively by the trolls to drag people into the conflict. The end of year exams the following week has helped to keep things calm, but that wasn’t the end of the story. After the exams, the trolls began using this blog as another place to launch an attack, based on my posts here, although indirectly; they had even threatened with a trolls war but it never materialized.
Fourth trolls campaign: August 30th, 2012 to September 11th, 2012
This is, I can say, the shortest trolls campaign ever yet, lasting for less than 2 weeks. Tagging on Facebook had declined, so as the intensity of Facebook trolls. Instead, the focus went to the school, where the trolls were still active. The girl the trolls used was once again a new student in year 11, and I can say it is probably one of the most groundless trolls campaign I had ever seen.
Fifth trolls campaign: September 11th, 2012 to February 18th, 2013
This trolls campaign wasn’t the longest, but wasn’t the shortest too. Facebook trolls appears to continue to decline, in favor of the school trolls. It wasn’t as intense as the second trolls campaign, but matters did came to a head in December 2012 when they launched what I will codename ‘Operation Campaign Killer’, or in other words, use some false rumors about relationships to try to end this trolls campaign. However as 2013 began, things were pretty calm.
Sixth trolls campaign: February 18th, 2013 to now
I can say this is the first trolls campaign that had some valid grounds, since it occured immediately Valentines Day. It began on one night during the half term holiday when I got a message from one of the trolls, asking me to reveal who I ordered roses for. At first I refused, but the trolls insisted on having the list, so I decided to hand over the list. Actually I knew already that they were planning this, but in order to stop them nagging me I have to hand over the list.
Then, as the school began, my fear came true. The sixth trolls campaign was based one one of the girls they picked from the list, but eventually was expanded to include everyone that I had ordered roses for. I can say this trolls campaign so far was relatively calm, and this was the first time that I had witnessed the slow decline of the school trolls, which shows that the trolls are getting weaker and is less willing to annoy me.
Another sign that the trolls are weakening is that I had begun to witness series of conflicts between the trolls. These were pretty small, until April 29th, when due to some weird reasons, severe conflicts erupted between the trolls themselves, and eventually lead to what I will codename ‘Operation Power Seizure’, when an extremist faction emerged and overthrew the previous leader of the trolls, although these conflicts had never seen openly, but rather this tense conflicts was confined to just on Facebook, or I thought so, since I still have to observe whether anything strange will happen, since this tense conficts erupted just 3 days before the end of year 11.
As you can see, tover time there are gradual evolution in the forms of trolls and the way they annoyed me over time.
As of today, things were calm, thanks to the IGCSE exams. But I do not know what will happen during the summer holiday. The trolls are now under a new, extremist leader, who love taking extreme actions, and who knows what will happen; maybe in year 12 the conflicts on April 29th may burst out into the open, or they may have cooled down by now and try to restore the previous leader; only time can tell.
Although conflicts between the trolls are signs that the trolls are weakening, there is some chance that they will strengthen again, as one of the member told me that they will take an imaginary IB course called ‘Trolling Higher Level’. This may have also contributed, in due part, to the execution of Operation Power Seizure. Nevertheless, since this is just my theory, things can appear different to what I’ve written here. But to avoid further questions I would like to state that these were pretty much my own theory about the trolls, and might not be 100% true.
That’s it for now…

Year 11 has ended

Hey guys;
So, as expected, today year 11 has officially come to an end. Overall, year 11 I can say must be one of the most boring year yet. Worse, there is no residential trips and sports day, and ASDAN trips are few; most are concentrated in term 1 of the year.
Even worse, there is the mock exams, which makes it even more boring, and endless revision works make things more unfavorable and even more boring.
With the passing away of year 11, some students are also leaving STA, which is quite sad though. Although I did have some issues with them particularly with dealing with the trolls, overall they did something good for year 11 as a whole and they should be remembered forever, for all good things that they have done.
Now, it will be up to 4 months that I will not meet my friends, which is quite sad though. This year’s summer holiday, as always, will be as boring as ever, with almost nobody to talk to.
And about the trolls, sadly enough they will continue to annoy me into year 12, but I think they might be quiet during the holiday, so that time I may not write much. The rumor about me liking another girl is still going on, but at a very limited scale, and yet no outbreak of a new trolls campaign has been seen, but it might occur straight away at the first day of year 12.
Overall, 2013 is a year of change, and the year will be different from what it was like previous years. But this is not the only one; next big change will come in 2015 when yet again there will be no residential trips and sports day; they’ll be once again replaced by the boring mock exams and endless revision works that no one likes.
Also down the road in 2015, it will be the year where I graduate from high school. Although it is good that I finally finish high school, but the very sad thing is, after that, virtually the whole of my current class is split up and is tasked to go in various different paths into the future, which means that I will miss a lot of good friends that I once know, and I think it will be a very sad day, the day of saying ‘good-bye’ to about 50-60 people, and I didn’t want that day to come. That is why I’ve wrote in my first poem back in April 2012 that ’24 hours a day is not enough, I need more time, much much more time’.
Then, further into the future, after the graduation feast of 2015, I will then be tasked with a new life, the post-high school or university life. It will be yet again different, and the fact that I have to meet new people is inevitable.
Anyways, even if I was to cry about it, I think there’s nothing that I could do, since it’s life and I think this is like a time bomb that started ticking as soon as I was born. Life’s got to progress, and I think I have to try to get use to that fact.
To wrap things up, today is a day of change, and I have to say the changes facing me are big.