A trip with 2 contrasting phases

Hey guys; The title says it all. The week-long Chiang Mai trip has finally ended, and I can say, that it's not too bad at all, despite lots of internal assessment works during the second phase of the trip. The trip kick off good, with a nice downtown hotel to stay in. It's call The … Continue reading A trip with 2 contrasting phases


Chiang Mai residential trip is about to begin

Hey guys;So, it's...Sunday, March 23rd. By the time of this writing it's 22:43. Yep, tomorrow is closing in, and...guess what? The Chiang Mai trip is also closing in!Tomorrow will be the start of a 2-phase residential trip. Although technically it's a single trip, but due to the differences in subjects covered and the activities, as … Continue reading Chiang Mai residential trip is about to begin

Some updates plus upcoming events

Hey guys;So, since the Pattaya MUN conference, I didn't really write any posts. Well...this is because I'm kind of lazy and I'm also quite busy with school work...Since the MUN conference, 2 major events took place. First is the STA Rag Week, from March 10th to March 14th. It's alright, although I'm rather unsatisfied with … Continue reading Some updates plus upcoming events

MUN conference yesterday; was not too bad actually

Hey guys;So, the MUN conference at The Regent's School in Pattaya has finally ended. Overall, I can say that it's not too bad, but it's not as good as the Ekamai one.The conference starts off quite normally, with the opening ceremony. But...things started to get twisted and weird right away when reading the position papers. … Continue reading MUN conference yesterday; was not too bad actually

Some updates

Hey guys;So, it's been a while since my last post, and...since then, a number of things had taken place.First, my birthday has finally passed, and I received a number of good 'happy birthday' messages from my friends, both in school and on Facebook/Skype! I'm now 18, which is quite a major milestone as this means … Continue reading Some updates