Mock exams are over, but…the trolls are still around…

Hey guys; Sorry for not posting for a while; I've been busy with revisions for my mock exams. Now it's over (well, except for Geography paper 3 and French paper 2 on Monday), I should have more free time to post... So, the harshest, toughest and loneliest week has finally passed. Next week things will … Continue reading Mock exams are over, but…the trolls are still around…


Christmas holiday has ended

Hey guys; So, after 3 long weeks the Christmas holiday has finally came to an end. Tomorrow will be the start of term 2, the final full term for me, all year 13s and all year 11s. To be honest, when I look forward and realize that I only have like 4 months left at … Continue reading Christmas holiday has ended

Happy New Year!

Hey guys, and happy New Year! So, 2015 has officially begun. This year is known as the year of sheep... For me, 2015 will be known as the year of change, as it is where I graduate from high school and enter university, which is a major change in my life, similar to 2008 where … Continue reading Happy New Year!