2012 wrap-up summary

Hey guys;
So, 2012 is nearly over. Within the next few days, or next week, news sites would probably begin to wrap-up things that had taken place so far this year.
So, 2012 features many events, both fun and exciting, and scary, devastating and depressing. Thhey range from the bombing of Sukhumvit 71 in Bangkok during February to the Earthquake in Indonesia during April, to fun sporting events that took place throughout second half of the year, from regional football tournaments to the 2012 Futsal World Cup in Bangkok and the Euro Cup 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, to world wide sport events like the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Of course, along with fun events, there are also a number of events that make us feel bad, ranging from the deaths of important individuals to regional protests around the world, to civil war in Syria, which is still taking place.
Now, in terms of events in my life, 2012 is a year full of epic events, which fits with the year of dragon, since dragons are usually big and epic. I can say, in 2012 I had been through pretty much every kinds of feelings, from happiness and exciting, to sadness and depression, to difficulties and hardship, to boring and annoyances.
As usual, here are the list of the 5 best events of 2012.
The best event in 2012: Year 10 residential trip to Rayong in January.
Once again, residential trip has been selected as the best event. Why? Well, it’s so epic and fun; this year’s residential trip is the best yet! Although I have to do a lot of work, but it’s worth-it. Also, the activities were very fun and exciting, especially the mangrove swamp and the party during the last night of the trip, which was very fun!
The second best event of 2012: Sports Day of 2012 during February and the so called ‘Super October’.
Well, two events are featured here, since I can’t decide which one amongst these two are better.
Let’s start with the Sports Day. It’s very good, pretty much like last year. During the day, the weather was very nice, cloudy throughout the day, which makes the day cool. But sadly I missed a chance to win my last medal for high school.
Now, on to the super October event. This event comprises of two sub-events, the ASDAN trip on October 16th and the International Day of 2012 on October 19th. The ASDAN trip was great, even though I am doing it individually. I get a chance to go around Bangkok, riding the BTS. I did get to see many different things, and see how the city changes as I reached different areas of Bangkok.
Now, on to the International Day. It’s certainly the best! Like previous years, there are no classes, and the activity was amazing! Best of all, I get to work in a team that I desire! It’s quite fun, providing services to students. My team chose to offer basketball games, and my team made a profit of 1565 baht!
The third best event of 2012: Super November.
Again, this event has two sub-events, and an additional feeder event. The feeder event was the rainbow rock concert throughout the first week of November, which is quite fun watching the bands.
The two main events were the ASDAN rock climbing activity and the Loy Krathong of 2012, taken place on November 15th and 23rd, respectively. The rock climbing activity was quite good. The Loy Krathong event was fun, especially in the morning where I get to dance and have some fun. But sadly there weren’t much in the afternoon, though.
The fourth best event of 2012: Songkran of 2012.
Songkran this year was certainly great. If the April 5th catastrophe did not happened then Songkran this year would be better!
The event starts at school, on April 6th. There wasn’t much on that day, apart from the water splashing, which is very fun!
Then, during the holiday, the Pranburi trip was also fun. Although I mainly feature events at school, but the trip was too good and it was not far apart from the celebration at school. The hotel I stayed in at Pranburi was quite good, with good accommodations and food. I do have some fun playing with kids!
The fifth best event of 2012: Year 10 field trip during May.
Once again, this event comprises of two sub-event: The ASDAN bowling trip on May 13th and the year 10 Thai IGCSE trip to Siam Museum on May 17th. Both were very good and fun, however the Thai trip was a bit better since it’s the whole day trip meaning I get to miss lessons. Also the Thai trip was a bit more interesting, since I get to learn about Thai history, which is quite interesting thing to learn.
That’s it for the best events. Now on to the worst events. However, most events this year was very good, so instead of featuring 5 worst events, I will feature the worst outstanding event.
The worst event of 2012: Annoyances at school throughout the year.
Yes, this event is still going on. This year, it’s particularly worse, thanks to the introduction of Facebook trolls and the formation of official trolls army. They had been attacking me hard throughout the year, and they had launched at least three catastrophic attacks on me; which are the Valentines Day catastrophe, the April 5th catastrophe, and recently, the infamous December 7th catastrophe. The April 5th event might be the worst amongst these three since it is what ended the long, painful second trolls campaign, and put me into temporary depression mode. The same thing nearly happened with the December 7th catastrophe, but it seems that the situation is stabilizing.
Also throughout this year, I have to fight with four trolls campaign, from the second trolls campaign to the fifth one. All of them were very annoying, and I really hate them. I’m pretty sure that this will inevitably continue into 2013.
Hope that 2013 won’t be as annoying as this year!
That’s it for now…

Christmas holiday is on! Quick summary of year 11 so far

Hey everyone!
So, term 1 of year 11 is finally over. It’s time for holiday at last!
So, throughout term 1 there wasn’t that many exciting things, since it’s the start of the year.
The main event that spikes up term 1 are concentrated in October and November, with the series starting with the ASDAN trip exploring Bangkok on October 16th, and ends with the Loy Krathong on November 23rd.
Perhaps the best event so far in year 11 is the International Day, taken place on October 19th, and everyone had a lot of fun.
However, throughout this period some bad things did took place; notably the annoyances at school.
This is not something new, and has been going on since at least late 2009. During the first term of year 11, the trolls did managed to launch two trolls campaigns in succession, with the fourth trolls campaign on August 30th, and it was quickly succeeded by the infamous fifth trolls campaign on September 11th.
As time drags on, the situation seems to gradually calm, with little to no annoyances at some point.
However, after I resumed my Ride for Rainbow sponsorship campaign in late November, the situation began to heat up slowly. Then, after my sponsorship campaign ended on Tuesday, on Friday, December 7th, things suddenly changed. The trolls decided to launch their most powerful move, the move that I will label as ‘heart breaker tool’. Then, the situation worsened slowly, to the point that I almost have to declare an end to the fifth trolls campaign. Suddenly, just yesterday, it seems that the situation is stabilizing, and at least gave me some hope of regaining control of the situation.
As of today, things are still pretty much like yesterday, but a little bit calmer, thus improving the overall situation a little bit.
As this is now a holiday, the battle with the trolls was suspended. Now, I don’t know if the situation will worsen again after the holiday. There’s still Valentines Day, which is what I’m fear of, because on that day the trolls might decide to launch their heart breaker tool again, but they might even try to take a step further, and try to force me into depression. I really want to avoid any of those.
That’s it for now…

The bad day continues; situation extremely bad

Hey guys;
So, the December 7th catastrophe did continued. It was yesterday where it intensified, and today it intensified even further, putting me at a big disadvantage as I got almost nothing to fight back against the powerful trolls army.
Now, what does this mean is, I’m on the verge of losing the battle against the trolls, and the fifth trolls campaign is coming close to an end, but a terrible one, similar to the end of the second trolls campaign back in April.
Right now, I think there is llittle that I can do, but it is not entirely impossible to change things. I just need to find out how to change things to make the situation more favorable on my side. The catastrophe also shows that my plans to demolish the trolls has failed. The trolls knew exactly what I am going to do, and so they adjusted their move accordingly to make sure my plan fails.
I still remember, a couple of weeks ago things was going well, and my Ride for Rainbow sponsorship campaign had proved quite successful. But it is becoming clear that the campaign was fraudulent. The trolls launch this what I will call the heart breaker tool on Friday, marking the start of the catastrophe, just 3 days after I ended my sponsorship campaign. I think now it has became clear that the campaign was just a fraud created by the trolls, and I am a victim of this fraud inevitably.
Also, the trolls did tried to pressure me to give up. BUT…I WILL NOT GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT. I WILL NOT LET THIS TROLLS CAMPAIGN END EASILY. I think I need to find out fast how can I change the situation. If nothing works, then I may have to either give up or use force to change the situation.
So, things are extremely bad. I don’t know why I am the only one handling this catastrophe!

A very bad day; the trolls intensified; situation is turning against me

So, today things suddenly changed. The trolls had resumed their attack, after periods of inactivity.
Now, today’s attack campaign is probably one of the worst that I have to cope with. Although it is similar to the one launched on September 28th, which circles around the topic that the girl the trolls said that I like already had a boyfriend. Yes, today they used that scheme, but they take a step further. This time, the trolls had managed to convinced several people, which I think is their associates, to believe the rumor created by the trolls, and sort of attack me with that. And, unlike the first campaign back in September, this time they seemed to make it looked more realistic.
Now, I think today’s event shows an attempt to end the fifth trolls campaign, by using the method that will make me lose inevitably. Unlike the ending of the second trolls campaign, this time there is no signs at all that the catastrophe will happen. But at least I am lucky today to avoid the true catastrophe that will push the fifth trolls campaign over the edge.
Now, what I could do? Well, I cannot let things run its course, I have to take action. But how do I go about it, I don’t exactly know. The rumor that the trolls created today might not be true, but there is quite a good chance that the trolls are trying to push the rumor to make it true. Were this to happen, the outcome will probably upset me a lot, and may send me into depression mode, and by then I don’t really know where to turn.
That’s it that I can think of…; what a bad day today!
Update! I totally forgot about those spies that regularly reads my blog! They had successfully posted the link to this post on the year 11 Facebook group! What a bad luck! Now, I think it’s likely that the Friday’s event will proceed into tomorrow, and possibly well throughout this week!

Wrap-up of 2012 quarter 4

So, 2012 is ending within about 26 days. The first term of school is ending within less than 2 weeks. Although I should write this post after the school ends, but I think there would be nothing exciting throughout the remaining school days, so I think it’s time to wrap-up the last quarter of 2012.
The event that dominated this quarter is of course the International Day on Friday, October 19th, 2012.
The main thing that makes this event stands out is that I get to work in the team that I wanted to, and everyone worked well together. Most importantly, there were no trolls! And the activity itself was fun; I get the first taste of running a business! Because of this, I am automatically doing one of the ASDAN challenge in module 9 in the process. Luckily that I mentioned this in my ASDAN class earlier that the activity on that day fits into one of the challenges!
Then, along in November, there are a number of events. The event that once again dominates the month was the Loy Krathong on Friday, November 23rd, 2012.
The event was alright, with the dance in the morning that was very fun, and the house competition during lunch time that was also fun to watch. However the afternoon wasn’t that exciting as expected. Overall the Loy Krathong this year was very fun and I did like it.
However, throughout this quarter the battle with the trolls are still going on, although they had not really do anything much, other than attacking my blog posts, which is quite weird. I had thoughts of launching operations against the trolls, but they did not made any progress, other than the discovery of some secrets of the trolls, which proved inefficient to use against the trolls.
Now, one thing that I am concern of is the network of spies established by the trolls. Their job is to read my blog on regular bases, checking for new contents that might be usable for annoying me. AND YES, THEY MIGHT BE READING MY BLOG RIGHT NOW!
That’s all I can think of at the moment…