Some updates

Hi guys;So, if you've noticed, there's not much new lately. Well the fact is, it's holiday and there's not much to write about, other than updates on the trolls, which I can say they're inactive right now. I would better say that they're in 'Holiday mode', which is good, because I don't like them annoying … Continue reading Some updates


Get a national flag UI in your browser (FIREFOX USERS ONLY)!

National Flags 2012 :: Collections :: Add-ons for FirefoxYou should check this out, as this is very cool. It's just skins that will give your Firefox an appearance of the flag of your nation. I still don't know in detail of why this is created, but maybe because of the 2012 Summer Olympics that had … Continue reading Get a national flag UI in your browser (FIREFOX USERS ONLY)!

The best website for Windows customization!

Windows Help, Tips-n-Tricks, Tutorials, Customization and DownloadsHello guys,So, as you can see already, the link above will take you to what I can say the best place for Windows customization.This website will show you some useful Windows customization that you can do on your Windows computer. Note that some of them are quite advance, particularly … Continue reading The best website for Windows customization!

Microsoft Office 2013 is now available!

Hello again guys;So, Microsoft has finally released the customer preview/beta version of the upcoming major update of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2013. You can get it here. Note this new version requires Windows 7 or newer, effectively dropping support for Windows XP and Vista. For most of you it may be a surprise/shocking news, but … Continue reading Microsoft Office 2013 is now available!

My history of blogging

Hello guys;So, today I would like to share you the history of blogging so far in my life.Well, I started blogging back around 2008. That time my blog was a sub-blog of my primary school's blog system. I remember back then I don't even have my own account. I also use to have 1 or … Continue reading My history of blogging

Trolls activity update

Hello guys,So, it's 2 weeks into the holiday, and so far trolls are very inactive. I can now assume that they had switched to holiday mode, and this means that the troll war has also come to a halt. The sign of this is that over the past 2 weeks there's barely any comments from … Continue reading Trolls activity update

Friday the 13th tomorrow, a D day

Hey guys,So, tomorrow is once again RFriday the 13th, a day that many people viewed as an unlucky day.Well, it can be either true, not true at all, or partially true or not true. It ultimately depends on what we as human beings do on this kind of day.As for computer security, as with other … Continue reading Friday the 13th tomorrow, a D day