Some updates

Hi guys;
So, if you’ve noticed, there’s not much new lately. Well the fact is, it’s holiday and there’s not much to write about, other than updates on the trolls, which I can say they’re inactive right now. I would better say that they’re in ‘Holiday mode’, which is good, because I don’t like them annoying me during the summer.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, if you’ve noticed, yesterday I was trying out new templates for this blog. After a while I decided to revert back to this template, mainly because it looked better.
Anyway, it is now halfway through the summer holiday. Time goes fast, isn’t it? So, that means that after this 4 weeks, the trolls could be back on full mode and start annoying me again. That is not something I’m looking forward to at all, but I don’t think I can avoid that.
That’s it for now…

Get a national flag UI in your browser (FIREFOX USERS ONLY)!

National Flags 2012 :: Collections :: Add-ons for Firefox
You should check this out, as this is very cool. It’s just skins that will give your Firefox an appearance of the flag of your nation. I still don’t know in detail of why this is created, but maybe because of the 2012 Summer Olympics that had just begun.
There are over 60 skins, most of which represents a flag of a country. So go ahead and select your country! See screenshot below for the example of my Firefox UI immediately after applying a skin.

As you can see, I have chosen Thai flag for the skin, and I can say it looks very nice.

The best website for Windows customization!

Windows Help, Tips-n-Tricks, Tutorials, Customization and Downloads
Hello guys,
So, as you can see already, the link above will take you to what I can say the best place for Windows customization.
This website will show you some useful Windows customization that you can do on your Windows computer. Note that some of them are quite advance, particularly messing with system files. If you don’t know how to mess with system files properly, I suggest that you leave those sections alone.

Microsoft Office 2013 is now available!

Hello again guys;
So, Microsoft has finally released the customer preview/beta version of the upcoming major update of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 2013. You can get it here. Note this new version requires Windows 7 or newer, effectively dropping support for Windows XP and Vista. For most of you it may be a surprise/shocking news, but for me this has no impact, as I am using Windows 7 at the moment. And, I think most of you should be using Windows 7 by now, because Windows 7 has been released for nearly 3 years already, and it is faster, more stable, more secure, and has more features than in Windows XP and Vista.
Also check out  this link, to learn more about what’s new in Microsoft Office 2013.

My history of blogging

Hello guys;
So, today I would like to share you the history of blogging so far in my life.
Well, I started blogging back around 2008. That time my blog was a sub-blog of my primary school’s blog system. I remember back then I don’t even have my own account. I also use to have 1 or 2 Blogger blogs, but due to lack of blogging skills I was unable to maintain them. Then, around early 2009, I set up my first ever independent blog at Due to the busy school schedule and lack of proper blogging skills, my blog was left inactive until later that year, when I started learning some basic blogging skills. I had continued to use that blog until late 2010 when I discovered Blog Baker and set up a blog with them. Since then, I had been using their service. Then, late last year, I begun testing Blogger, and the test came to the conclusion that Blogger is way better than Blog Baker, so I decided to make the move, and this is my current blog that I’m blogging now. I also had my own hosted blog, linked to my website at, but I mainly use that blog for site-related updates, although I may make the move later and unify all updates and posts into 1 single blog.
That’s it for now…

Trolls activity update

Hello guys,
So, it’s 2 weeks into the holiday, and so far trolls are very inactive. I can now assume that they had switched to holiday mode, and this means that the troll war has also come to a halt. The sign of this is that over the past 2 weeks there’s barely any comments from the trolls. Even my latest status had received no comments at all.
So far, things looked very good. Hope things will continue as it is.

Friday the 13th tomorrow, a D day

Hey guys,
So, tomorrow is once again RFriday the 13th, a day that many people viewed as an unlucky day.
Well, it can be either true, not true at all, or partially true or not true. It ultimately depends on what we as human beings do on this kind of day.
As for computer security, as with other times you should use common-sense and avoid dodgy things on the internet, and you will not be a victim of this kind of day.
As for the troll war, well it’s holiday and they are virtually inactive. That’s very good, and I’m sure tomorrow nothing bad will happen.
Until now I’m not sure why some, or many, people viewed Friday the 13th as the bad/unlucky day. Maybe it has something to do with historical events? I have absolutely no idea.
That’s it for now…