Wrap up of the first half or 2015

Hey guys;

So, with just another day remaining before the second half of 2015 starts (well at least according to Thailand time), it’s time to wrap things up for this first half of the year.

So, the first half of the year for me was rather uneventful as there’s no super big events like the residential trips, at least until April 24th…

The only big event, and rather a negative event, is the super nasty attack by the trolls on February 6th. For you trolls reading this, yes I can still remember that, and I’ll seek revenge one day, keep this in mind, you trolls!

The incident was roughly 3 days after the trolls hatched another rumor of me liking a year 12 girl (apparently a sister of someone in year 13), but thanks to the February 6th incident, this new rumor has not spread; perhaps the trolls are too busy celebrating their victory in ripping me to pieces…

In addition, this incident also forced me to close my ask.fm account, as…the trolls continued their attacks on my ask.fm! I initially try to resist the pressure to close it, but after the issue became known to a teacher, I decided to take more serious considerations and…decided to set a deadline for the demolition of my ask.fm account, which was set for the day of the Chinese New Year.

The other major events are the Spring Dance, the charity dodgeball tournament in March, and the Songkran celebration and color run in April.

May was perhaps the most boring and the toughest month as it’s a month full of exams. I have 15 exams, 13 IB exams, an IELTS exam and a MUIC entrance exam, all squashed into a 3-week period starting on May 4th and ending on May 22nd. However the one positive big event was the high school drama production of ‘Flash’ on May 21st. The play was high-tech and fun. I’d say it’s high-tech because of the use of light and sound that somewhat matches the scenes. I came across some crazy and mind-blowing ideas, such as the Moon crashing into the Earth and possibly various key events in the play that conveys ideas but I can’t remember at the moment…but overall the production was amazing and the team behind it certainly did a fabulous job.

And another event was the graduation ceremony of the class of 2015 at KIS on May 30th. It’s good, and I get to meet my old friends, though not all of them. This acts rather as a preview of my graduation ceremony only a week later on June 6th.

Coming to June…June is quite packed with events, starting with the graduation ceremony for the STA class of 2015. It’s very good, and the food was certainly amazing, and compared to the KIS ceremony a week before, this one was much bigger.

Next event was the senior prom on June 20th. The prom was amazing, and I really like the food; I was completely full after just 2 plates of fish and shrimp; even though I just have small lunch at like 11:00-11:30 or so at Nakhon Pathom! The prom is similar in some ways to the prom last year though, and…I only knew 2 days later that I won a lucky draw! Though my name was announced during the event, I at first didn’t believe that it’s really me…

And…lastly, is XPO XV. It’s amazing, even better than last year’s XPO XIV. And…unlike last year, I got to see all areas in detail! The DT area didn’t show anything interesting though, sadly. The ICT lab did show off a work-in-progress game made with Scratch, which is quite cool. I think I may have used that program before though…

And finally, is the drama/music shows…all performances were amazing, and I was able to add 2 songs to my music collection, by relying on Siri to identify the songs being performed after I let it listen to the recorded video of the performances. The ‘Flash’ performance didn’t show off much, though, just 3 songs that were used in the show.

There are actually some other out-of-school events that are kind of close to the actual school events; for example my day trip to Nakhon Pathom by train on the day of the senior prom and the Songkran fun at Silom on April 15th. I could merge these events as they’re kind of close to each of their respective events (songkran celebration at school and the senior prom), but I felt that they occurred outside of regular school timetable/not being organized by the school, so I probably won’t include them, but needless to say, I’ve included these extra events in the past; for example the Songkran 2012 event which consist of the celebration at school and the trip to Pranburi, and Songkran 2013 which includes the celebration at school and the Singapore trip. If I were to merge events again, the potential candidate was the Songkran party at Silom to be merged with the Songkran celebration at school to form the ‘Songkran 2015’ event. The Nakhon Pathom trip/senior prom are unlikely to be merged, even though they occurred on the same day as the 2 are totally unrelated events.

Looking forward to second half…Halloween Carnival is coming up, but whether I can go depends on the class timetable, which should be known by mid September, and…there’s still a chance for a residential trip, though it would be different from the trips I went on, as they would be organized mainly by students, not by teachers anymore.

XPO XV…what an amazing event!

Hey guys;

So, XPO XV has concluded, and…I must say, this is the best one yet! Even better than XPO XIV!

The expo itself started at around 16:00. The format was pretty much the same as XPO XIV, with student works from Art, Design Technology (DT) and ICT being put on display, and there’s some works/performances from Music and Drama subjects as always. This time, I managed to see literally all areas of the expo! I got a chance to see someone in the ICT room developing a game using a program called Scratch, which is quite interesting…I think I may have used that program before, but I can’t remember exactly.

I actually went to the Art zone twice. The first time there was quite brief, but then after exploring other zones, I decided to return to the Art zone to look at some more works, and I get a chance to have the painting of a rocket custom-made! I chose blue rocket with the orange flame. Though I could go for green (one of my favorite color) or blue (my favorite color), I felt that orange looks more realistic. I may actually put up a digital image version of it, if I could get the painting scanned into an image file.

After seeing all the areas, I decided to go into the drama studio to look at some drama works. Though I missed the bulk of the videos of previous drama roduction works, but that’s not the main item anyway, as the real item was the ‘Flash’ production show at the very end of the expo. But before that, starting at roughly 17:00, are some performances from the Music department. It was also the first time that I recorded a video using the digital zoom feature! I enjoyed all of the performances!

Finally, at roughly 17:45 or 18:00, comes the ‘Flash’ show, albeit not the full play of course, but just some extracts from it, mainly 3 of the songs that were present in the whole play. Overall, the performance is good nonetheless!

So, with the conclusion of XPO XV, comes the conclusion of the post-exam events series, pretty much, unless if I decided to watch the house basketball competition, which is unlikely as it is on a different day from the high school award assembly.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Third event in the series of post-exam events…what an amazing and memorable senior prom!

Hey guys;

So, the third event in the series of post-exam events series has concluded, and…I can say, it’s fabulous! What an amazing prom! Thank you to the year 12s for organizing such an amazing prom!

The prom starts at 19:00. At first I saw no one, but then the number of people gradually swelled. The format was similar in some ways to the prom last year, though there’s no singing performances/any special performances this time.

Dinner was roughly 19:30. The food this time was…amazing! I ate almost 2 full plates of fish and shrimp, to the point that I’m extremely full! Even though I ate lunch early today and only ate minimal amount, but the amount of fish and shrimp was extremely huge for my second plate.

But the real fun came at around 20:00! That’s when the dance officially starts, and…it’s amazing! The only drawback is that the dance floor was dark unlike last year of which the dance floor was lighted. As usual, there’s amazing music and I enjoyed them all!

Oh at the end there’s the lucky draw thing. I think my name was announced at the very end, but I’m not sure if it’s me as, there’s another person in the school with extremely similar name, with only difference being that there’s another ‘t’ added at the end of the name and in a different year, but the pronunciation of the 2 names are the same, so I’m not sure if the announcement was really for me or not.

Next up, is…XPO XV, only 2 days from now; which will unfortunately conclude this post-exam events series, as…apparently the house basketball competition was on a different day to the high school award assembly, so I’m not going to watch the matches, but…I don’t know, the assembly might be on the same day as the basketball competition, who knows…

In terms of the rating, I’ll put this post-exam events series as the best event of 2015 for now, until if something better happens, like a residential trip at university or something; there’s still the Halloween Carnival, but whether I can make it ultimately depends on my timetable. Given that MUIC is very far from ST Andrews, if I have a class on the Friday when the carnival is taking place and it finishes late like at 17:00 or 18:00, I don’t think I’ll go to the carnival, but if the class finishes at like 15:00-16:00 or if I’m lucky enough not to have any class on Fridays, then I’ll definitely go to the carnival.

So…that’s it for now, and once again, thank you to the year 12s for organizing such an amazing prom!

I’m a graduate!

Hey guys;

So, today is when I’m officially a graduate of the class of 2015! Thank you STA for being such an amazing school and has virtually transformed my high school life as never before, especially all of the 8 residential trips I’ve went to; they enabled me to experience new things and to try out new activities like never before; E.G building houses, working in a remote jungle with no 3G or phone signals, shooting arrows, and probably many more activities that are new to me. It was at this school that, during the IB Diploma Program, that I learned new debating skills thanks to MUN and its amazing, sometimes even funny, conferences, and even for once, been part of the organizing committee for STAMUN I, even though my role was very minor.
It was also at STA that I meet new people, some nice, some weird and funny, almost every possible description. But overall, what I had is a fabulous, warm community of students. And…of course, today would not be possible without all the support provided by all teachers, especially throughout the IB Diploma Program. Thank you to all teachers who has committed their time and effort into making all materials needed in class into an accessible, electronic form that I can access and complete on my laptop, and of course, a big thank you to those who I’ve worked with in class during each and every subjects.
Overall, throughout 7 years of high school, my life has been transformed greatly, as never before.

The first big change, and a rather abrupt change, is in May/June 2008 when I graduated from primary school, and when I moved from KIS to Trinity International School to start my high school. It is both big and abrupt as it is when I stepped out of the comfort and familiarity of KIS and my good old friends into a new world with new and unknown people, and I also learned new subjects that I’ve never met. I met new people, some nice, some not so nice.

Yet as I was just beginning to settle into my new world, the big change came about once again in 2009 when I moved to ST Andrews. Though the transition was a bit rough as I have to learn my way around the school and stuff, but what I met was a rather helpful and warm welcome from my new friends who helped settle me into my new school.

Since then, the changes were still big, but not as abrupt. Most changes focuses on the amount of work, the subjects and the way I do things in school.

Perhaps the biggest transformation in my life was the move towards digital/electronic age, of which all of my works are done on my laptop and submitted electronically via email to my teachers, and I was very successful at adapting, with the final phase completed when all textbooks in all subjects and all works are done electronically in year 12/13, completely replacing old, heavy braille books and heavy, bulky, inefficient braille typing machines. Although physical braille books are still required, but their importance in day-to-day work in school has decreased sharply.

And…now, another change is about to take place, and that is the transition from school life to university life. It will be a new world, once again, and this is when I will explore new things that are completely unknown to me, including new and more difficult subjects and challenges. If I was successful at my degree, another graduation ceremony awaits me in 2019 and if I choose to go to the UK for my masters degree, 2019 would be the biggest change yet in my life as I step out of the comfort and familiarity of Bangkok and Thailand as a whole to an entirely new country in an entirely new contenent thousands of miles away from home and my family.

Yet despite the passage of time, I will remember that for once in my life, I’ve studied at an amazing and fabulous school for 6 out of 7 years of my high school, and for 11 out of around 14-15 years of my school life I’ve studied at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand.