Some updates about the trolls and the future

Hey guys;So, year 11 is swiftly reaching the end. Although not officially, but term 3 was cut short because of the IGCSE exams throughout May and June. And sadly, after the exams the awaited summer holiday begins straight away for year 11 students; yea! So that means about 2-3 weeks of school left for all … Continue reading Some updates about the trolls and the future


Trolls update

Hello,Right, I haven't post here for a while. This is because I had been quite busy, and there weren't much updates to write about. Even the trolls showed very little changes.But, over the past few days, they had made some changes that I think I should talk about.The change is, they had now expanded their … Continue reading Trolls update

Some more updates

Hey guys;So, it's been a while since I last posted. Again there weren't much updates, so this post once again will be a bit short.Last Thursday was my birthday, on the 28th February. I received quite a good amount of wishes, and I'm very happy, and would like to thank those who wrote happy birthday … Continue reading Some more updates