Some updates about the trolls and the future

Hey guys;
So, year 11 is swiftly reaching the end. Although not officially, but term 3 was cut short because of the IGCSE exams throughout May and June. And sadly, after the exams the awaited summer holiday begins straight away for year 11 students; yea! So that means about 2-3 weeks of school left for all year 11 students.
Now, about the trolls. Well, one major development is that I’ve came across a rumor that the sixth trolls campaign is reaching its end. For how it will end, I cannot tell for sure; I want to wait and see. But I’m not sad about it, since I had been in denial mode since the start of this trolls campaign, which had worked well, since I was able to stop the trolls from making further progress, and I will continue to be in that mode until the end.
And, I think it is unlikely that they will try to launch another trolls campaign, since the remaining time is very short. But even so, it could still happen, but once again I will go into denial mode, to halt the trolls’ progress.
So, compared with last year, this year is much better; I think partly because I had went into denial mode (rejecting the new rumors at all cost) since the start of the sixth trolls campaign, which was created from the list of the 3 girls that I ordered roses to during Valentines Day.
So far, things looked very good.

Trolls update

Right, I haven’t post here for a while. This is because I had been quite busy, and there weren’t much updates to write about. Even the trolls showed very little changes.
But, over the past few days, they had made some changes that I think I should talk about.
The change is, they had now expanded their subject and saying that I like 5 girls; which is no way to be true! I find it quite weird; first at the start of the sixth trolls campaign, they focused on one girl, then later they expanded to include 3; and now they expanded it again to include 5!
And for why it’s not true, that is because I had only ordered roses for 3 girls during this year’s Valentines Day; not 5. Ordering 5 roses would have cost me 100 baht, in which the time the order is available I do not have that amount available. I wonder where the trolls get the other 2 girls from; either they make it up or they try to merge this trolls campaign with the previous ones.
Anyways, so far the trolls aren’t that active, unlike in the past. The most vulnerable times are probably during English, PE and Chemistry, since the girls that the trolls claimed that I like are in the same class as me and some members of the trolls.
So far, things aren’t looking too bad.

Some more updates

Hey guys;
So, it’s been a while since I last posted. Again there weren’t much updates, so this post once again will be a bit short.
Last Thursday was my birthday, on the 28th February. I received quite a good amount of wishes, and I’m very happy, and would like to thank those who wrote happy birthday on my Facebook wall.
Like what I said, from my last post, there weren’t much updates. Even the trolls showed very little activity, other than small day-to-day annoyances that made me a bit annoyed, but that feeling eventually wears off.
That’s it for now…