First month of 2013; very boring

Hey guys;So, the first month of 2013 is about to pass away. This month for me worth virtually nothing, due to the absents of the beloved residential trip, and has been rendered even more boring with the mock exams, which replaced the residential trip unfortunately. I can say 2013 is a very different year, compared … Continue reading First month of 2013; very boring


Some updates

Hello,So, the mock exams are over. So far the first school day after the mock exams is quite good, once again with little to no annoyances from trolls.But, Valentines Day is within 2 weeks time, and that is what I’m quite nervous, since I don’t know what will the trolls do. If they had stopped … Continue reading Some updates

Mock exam starts tomorrow

Hello; So, this time of year has returned, the third full week of January. But, unlike the past years, there is no residential trip, which is very sad because I really love residential trips; I rated it as the best events for three consecutive years since 2010, and would like to feature it for the … Continue reading Mock exam starts tomorrow

First week of term 2; very good

HelloSo, the first week of term 2 is over. Overall it has been a good week, although no special events were held. The trolls did not annoy me that much, even today, which is the day where the trolls are most active.Now, that can mean two things: The trolls are either bored dealing with the … Continue reading First week of term 2; very good

Trolls timeline

Hey!Yeah I know, you probably say, 'It's going to be the same as the previous version'. Well, these kind of things are dynamic, meaning they changes with time. Right now, the current timeline is probably outdated, since many things had taken place since then.So, here is it again, the timeline summary of the trolls during … Continue reading Trolls timeline

First week of school so far; quite good

Hello guys;So, term 2 has now begun. All I can say is, it's quite good. Most importantly, the trolls didn't annoy me that much; pretty much returning the situation to the pre-December 7th catastrophe state. Although they did managed to annoy me, but those are small annoyances that occurred almost on a daily bases, and … Continue reading First week of school so far; quite good

Christmas holiday has ended

Hey guys;So, the long Christmas holiday has finally came to an end. Tomorrow will be the start of year 11 term 2. It might sound interesting, but the bad news is, there will be no residential trip and the sports day, which means that term 2 could be quite boring. But, since I still have … Continue reading Christmas holiday has ended

Happy New Year to all

Hello and happy New Year!So, 2013 has now begun. It's the new year, and that means more to look towards.However, in my life this year will be different. Firstly, unlike previous years, there will be no residential trip and sports day, sadly enough.I'm sure last night you guys have had an amazing count down celebration, … Continue reading Happy New Year to all