First month of 2013; very boring

Hey guys;
So, the first month of 2013 is about to pass away. This month for me worth virtually nothing, due to the absents of the beloved residential trip, and has been rendered even more boring with the mock exams, which replaced the residential trip unfortunately. I can say 2013 is a very different year, compared to 2012 and earlier.
What makes 2013 different is the fact that me and the rest of year 11 were excluded from key events, particularrly the residential trip and the sports day, and as year 11 student, I will lose almost the whole of term 3; thanks to the IGCSE exams throughout May and June.
Although, past the first half and into the second half of the year, into year 12, there might be hopes for more interesting events. Year 12 will again be different from year 11, and there might be more out-of-school activities, in which I really love. Also way towards the last quarter of the year is the international day and Loy Krathong, which are fun and quite exciting.
Although some of the most fun and exciting events are absent in this year, but the worst and devastating event is still there; and…it’s the continuity of the annoyances caused by the trolls. Although the situation is very calm at the moment, but things can suddenly snowball without warning. Should I say that this year is the worst calendar year yet? Probably, thanks to the absents of great events and all those annoyances, and the mound of exams waiting down the road.
That’s it for now…

Some updates


So, the mock exams are over. So far the first school day after the mock exams is quite good, once again with little to no annoyances from trolls.

But, Valentines Day is within 2 weeks time, and that is what I’m quite nervous, since I don’t know what will the trolls do. If they had stopped annoying me already, that’s very good. But like the case of December 7th, 2012, things can change rapidly within a matter of a single night or two. The good example of this is the launch of the so called ‘operation campaign killer’ and the possibility of a new trolls campaign. All these are not impossible. Their probability might not be too big, but they do still have small chances. But the chance of those items increased when Valentines Day approaches after this week. The main catalysts that will help make either any of those come true are the network of spies that reads my blog constantly for things to brag about the next day and the Valentines gift charity activity next week, if there is even one.
I’m quite scared for both of them, as for instance the operation campaign killer will end the fifth trolls campaign in a catastrophe, and the eruption of the sixth trolls campaign, although will not cause any forms of catastrophe, but will make things a thousand times more annoying as I have to deal with nonsense/irritating inquiries. In fact, I do not like dealing with any of those, but if I have to choose between these two, I would go for the sixth trolls campaign, as it is much better than dealing with the terrible aftermath of the fifth trolls campaign.
But for what I will do next, I think I will let things run its course for now, as the situation is going quite well and I don’t want to worry about what is coming up next too much, but I will always keep an eye on the situation, as it can change very suddenly.

Mock exam starts tomorrow


So, this time of year has returned, the third full week of January.

But, unlike the past years, there is no residential trip, which is very sad because I really love residential trips; I rated it as the best events for three consecutive years since 2010, and would like to feature it for the fourth year, but sadly that won’t happen.

Now, any hope? Well, I can think of one candidate for that kind of trip, and that is ASDAN challenges. Throughout the course of ASDAN, there is no residential trip yet, but there could be one, sooner or later. If such trips take place, that trip will be selected as the best event instantly, even if it will take place sometimes like in March or even during the last two quarters of the year.

Also sports day is coming up, but again, we year 11 are excluded, sadly enough. This is one reason I hate year 11, and one reason why I don’t want year 10 to end/want to go back in time.

If, in case no ASDAN residential trips occurred, then either regular ASDAN trips or Songkran will be featured as the best event instead.

Looking into the future, after April, there won’t be much to write about, since year 11 will lose almost the whole of term 3 revising for exams, which means that I’m forced to miss some interesting events like the house basketball competition, the house music competition and the house dance competition (if it doesn’t take place during this term). However when year 12 started, events such as international day and Loy Krathong will return, so those may help to make this year a bit more interesting, but certainly overall this year will be very boring with long stretches of difficult times to go through.

Oh, the trolls. Yes, they will continue to play an important role in shaping this year. Whatever they do can either impact me positively or negatively, so I have to be always on alert.

That’s it for now…

First week of term 2; very good

So, the first week of term 2 is over. Overall it has been a good week, although no special events were held. The trolls did not annoy me that much, even today, which is the day where the trolls are most active.
Now, that can mean two things: The trolls are either bored dealing with the very same story, or they might be building up strength to launch the so called ‘operation campaign killer’, which is basically the continuation of what they had started last month. They may exploit the Valentines Day gift charity (if the activity will even take place at all), and like what I said in my earlier posts, that is what I’m scared of, and it is about 4 weeks away, which is not too far. Luckily the upcoming mock exams may help to cool down the trolls, if they had managed to do something within next week.
However, since this is a prediction, that means that things can change from now.

Trolls timeline

Yeah I know, you probably say, ‘It’s going to be the same as the previous version’. Well, these kind of things are dynamic, meaning they changes with time. Right now, the current timeline is probably outdated, since many things had taken place since then.
So, here is it again, the timeline summary of the trolls during high school.
Once again, the concepts are the same: The trolls’ moves are categorized into trolls campaigns. New ones start when they found out some secrets about the girl I may potentially like, even though it may not end up true, and ends when they launch the new campaign, the girl the trolls was talking about leaves STA, or being forcefully ended by the trolls.
So, here’s the timeline, from past to present…
Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009
The first form of trolls was met back when I first started high school. Actually, back then there were no fixed groups of trolls, and no fixed campaigns, and back then they did not use the subject of me liking a girl. Instead their methods tend to be more physical-based, which is quite scary. This is the start of a very long series of battles with the trolls.
First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010
The first few months at STA was very good, and people has helped me getting started with the new environment. The first trolls campaign appeared around October/November of 2009. Again, there were still no fixed group, but they started using the subject of me liking a girl to annoy me. This became the bases for the subsequent trolls campaigns, up to today. It ended along the end of year 8 in mid 2010.
Second trolls campaign: Mid 2010 to April 5th, 2012
This is the longest-lived trolls campaign, and probably the worst, lasting for almost two years. The first few days and weeks of year 9 was alright, there were a lot of new students. However, the trolls managed to exploit this and started the second trolls campaign. This time, they used one of the new girl, which sadly is my ex-friend in year 7. Initially it wasn’t too bad, however it became a little bit more annoying starting January 2011. However, the campaign did not end with the end of year 9, but instead continues into year 10.
The year 10 period is the worst. Initially it was as annoying as the year 9 period, but after the year 10 residential trip, things began to worsen. At this point, the trolls had united together to form the trolls army, and they started annoying me on Facebook. The worst point was probably the Valentines Day chocolate gift charity, organized by older students. And, worst of all, on Valentines Day, one of my wall post which read ‘Happy Valentines Day’, there were over 100 comments! Past that oint, the situation did not improve that much, until the girl the trolls was talking about leaves STA, marking the end of the second trolls campaign.
Third trolls campaign: May 23rd, 2012 to August 30th, 2012
After the second trolls campaign ends, there were four weeks where no trolls campaigns were in effect. However, things began to change on the night of May 22nd, after I wrote ‘Hi.’ on one of the new student’s wall. Then, the next day, the third trolls campaign finally came into effect, and surprisingly, it spreads extremely fast. The end of year exams the following week has helped to keep the trolls quiet, but after the exams, the trolls resumed their attack, threatening to launch the troll war on June 8th, which did not materialized. However, the campaign was ended by the new trolls campaign, along with the arrival of year 11.
Fourth trolls campaign: August 30th, 2012 to September 11th, 2012
This is the shortest-lived trolls campaign yet, lasting less than a month. This time, the girl the trolls used was based on groundless rumor created by one year 11 student. Its short duration makes it not as bad as the third and the second one, but worse than the first one. It was ended by a new trolls campaign, once again.
Fifth trolls campaign: September 11th, 2012 to now
The fifth trolls campaign was probably not the worst, but a bit worse than the third trolls campaign. It spreads fast too. I did saw instances where the trolls threatened to annoy me massively, particularly during Chemistry, but they did not materialized. I can say this was the only trolls campaign where there were times where little to no annoyances had occurred. However the trolls did tried to end the fifth trolls campaign, with their first attempt on September 28th, 2012, but failed. However things changed drastically on December 7th, 2012 when they resumed their attempt to end the fifth trolls campaign. Surprisingly, they were nearly successful, but luckily things began to change during the last two days of term 1. Now, after the Christmas holiday, the situation suddenly returned to the state before December 7th, 2012. Also new in this trolls campaign is that the trolls started using this blog as another tool to annoy me. This basically gave birth to networks of spies, that constantly reads this blog for any content that could be used to annoy me.
As of today, I can say the situation is quite favorable. But, down the road was Valentines Day, once again. If another Valentines gift charity will be organized, there is a possibility that the trolls will use that to resume their attempt to end the fifth trolls campaign, and who knows, this time they might be successful, and that is what I’m really scared of. But if that was the case, I will fight to the very last minute. I’m not going to let this fifth trolls campaign end easily.
That’s it for now…

First week of school so far; quite good

Hello guys;
So, term 2 has now begun. All I can say is, it’s quite good. Most importantly, the trolls didn’t annoy me that much; pretty much returning the situation to the pre-December 7th catastrophe state. Although they did managed to annoy me, but those are small annoyances that occurred almost on a daily bases, and is considered quite normal.
That’s it for now…

Christmas holiday has ended

Hey guys;
So, the long Christmas holiday has finally came to an end. Tomorrow will be the start of year 11 term 2. It might sound interesting, but the bad news is, there will be no residential trip and the sports day, which means that term 2 could be quite boring. But, since I still have ASDAN, that means that out of school trips are a real possibility. Whichever trip occurs will be classed as the best event of 2013.
However, there is a bad side. The start of the new school term means the resumption of the trolls activity.
Before term 1 ends, they had started their mass attack, the so called ‘December 7th catastrophe’. Now I don’t know if they will take it a step further, abandon their move, or come up with entirely new attacks. I’m pretty much afraid of all three, since all of them will have a negative outcome.
Also in my concern is the first few weeks of February, since Valentines Day is there too, on February 14th. By then, I don’t know what the trolls will do.
That’s it for now…

Happy New Year to all

Hello and happy New Year!
So, 2013 has now begun. It’s the new year, and that means more to look towards.
However, in my life this year will be different. Firstly, unlike previous years, there will be no residential trip and sports day, sadly enough.
I’m sure last night you guys have had an amazing count down celebration, and me too. The firework display at Central World in Bangkok was one the best yet I’ve seen! The weather wasn’t hot at all, which is a good news. But most importantly, the weather is clear and no rain.
Although I can forget pretty much any bad things that took place during 2012, but I still have to keep in mine that the battle with the trolls is not over yet. Next Monday, when my school opens, the battle with the trolls will resume, and I don’t know what they will do; maybe they will resume their catastrophic attack started in December, or they may launch something new.
That’s it for now, let’s hope that this year will be as good as possible.