Another change; new wave of instability is underway for the trolls

Hey!Right, already the first day of school things are already taking on quite wildly.First off, during lunch time today, someone in year 11 has created a rumor that one of the trolls, and it happens to be the leader of the trolls, likes a boy in year 11. I cannot say whether it is true … Continue reading Another change; new wave of instability is underway for the trolls


Half term holiday has ended

Hey guys;So, the half term holiday is finally drawing to a close, with school starting on the upcoming Monday. From what I've heard, there are some exciting events, but the main one was Loy Katong, to be held by the end of November, and I can be sure that it will commence, because unlike last … Continue reading Half term holiday has ended

This music video has over 500 million viewers!

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/VYeah, you know it already, it's Gangnam Style! This video has over 500 million views! If you want to download the song, you can either buy it from iTunes (just $1.25), or if you are like me that doesn't want to spend money you can try searching, although the quality … Continue reading This music video has over 500 million viewers!

Some update on trolls situation and updates on my earlier choices

Hello once again;So, after thinking about this, I think the best, and probably the easiest way to delt with trolls, is to form an OAT, not with year 11 students as the main core, but with some other students like those from year 10 as the main core, with the year 11 students as an … Continue reading Some update on trolls situation and updates on my earlier choices

My first Chrome theme

Hello everyone!After using Google Chrome for a while, I had decided to try to create my own theme. So here it is.Get themeI based this theme on the Metro concept of Windows 8. The new tab wallpaper is the clean, Windows 8 start screen-like background. In fact the image was actually a crop from the … Continue reading My first Chrome theme

International Day today; so awesome!

Hey!So, the long awaited International Day was over at last, and I can was awesome! It was the best International Day yet that I had ever seen at STA!So, start off as usual, with the parades and the assembly and the international performances.After break, this is where the real day starts. Me and my … Continue reading International Day today; so awesome!

Some considurations on plans to demolish the trolls

Hello;So, thinking over of what happened so far, I think it seems that my move of simply accepting rumors that I like some girls may not work, but may instead make the trolls even stronger.Although the chance of that happening as a result of me accepting the rumor is small, but the probability is still … Continue reading Some considurations on plans to demolish the trolls

Some new thoughts on forming an OAT

Hey!So, I think I had a new and might be a more successful idea on forming an OAT (organization against trolls).The idea is, if forming the OAT with only year 11 students is difficult to impossible, then I am considering teaming up with other high school students like those in year 8, 9 or 10; … Continue reading Some new thoughts on forming an OAT

Today’s trip; very good

Hello!So, the trip was completed at last, the so call ASDAN exploring Bangkok via rail trip! There are several changes to the plan. Most notably, I had decided to cancel the trip on the Airport Link line and completely explore the Bangkok Metro, because time is limited and I got to get back to school … Continue reading Today’s trip; very good

This week’s gonna be cool

Hey guys;So, as this is the last week before half term holiday, there are many things that are happening.First of all, about the ASDAN trip tomorrow; it is confirmed. I'm going out tomorrow on what I will call it exploring Bangkok via rail, which means I am only traveling on train (rapid transit systems of … Continue reading This week’s gonna be cool

A very good day; the start of my very own first trolls campaign (aka first trolls revenge campaign)

Hey guys!So, today it finally happens. I finally discovered a whole in the extension bit of the trolls army, which is the fact that one student in my ASDAN class likes a new girl in year 11. Although he continues to deny this rumor, still I think it is true. Immediately I was able to … Continue reading A very good day; the start of my very own first trolls campaign (aka first trolls revenge campaign)

Some exciting events coming up

Hey guys,So, as the first half of term 1 is approaching its end, there are some exciting events going on. Mainly there is only 1; the International Day.Yeah, normally year 11 is excluded, but this year there is a change. This year we year 11 get to do some fun activities yea! I would say … Continue reading Some exciting events coming up

Timeline of trolls campaigns

Hey guys,So, after I've posted the earlier version, today I had decided to post a new version, since many things had taken place since the last time I posted the timeline.Basically the concept is the same; new trolls campaign starts when the trolls find out the new girl that I may like or the girl … Continue reading Timeline of trolls campaigns

Updates on what’s going on

Hello!So, since my last post on updates, there had been some more updates.First, the update on trolls. Once again they went back to be very calm and the situation is quite good as of today. Like what I said I think they seems to lack motivation to annoy me, since there's little progress in terms … Continue reading Updates on what’s going on