Another change; new wave of instability is underway for the trolls

Right, already the first day of school things are already taking on quite wildly.
First off, during lunch time today, someone in year 11 has created a rumor that one of the trolls, and it happens to be the leader of the trolls, likes a boy in year 11. I cannot say whether it is true or false, but if many people are talking about it it is likely that it is true.
So, this means that this rumor, if it grow stronger, may evolve into a spark inside the trolls. If I can turn the spark into a fire, that will destabilize the trolls, and may eventually cause the trolls to collapse, bringing the fifth trolls campaign to an end. This shows that sometimes I don’t have to do much in order to weaken the trolls.
Now, there is one thing that I am concern about. Most importantly this may last for only a day or two, effectively rendering this rumor useless, but instead the trolls might use this chance to either launch full scale attack on me or start the sixth trolls campaign, effectively worsening the situation. Or, if I’m lucky, this might eventually calm down and return to the state it was in before half term holiday.
So, I can say that what happened today at least bring me some power to demolish the trolls. For what I’ll do next, I will support this rumor, and hopefully turn this rumor into an OAT campaign, and go straight into full scale attack against the trolls.
Or, if this move seems too risky due to the possibility of a full scale attack against me and the possible eruption of the sixth trolls campaign, I could choose to do nothing instead, and let those who created the rumor deal with the trolls themselves. And if the trolls turn to troll that person who created the rumor, I can be happy that they will not troll me for a while.
That’s it for now…

Half term holiday has ended

Hey guys;
So, the half term holiday is finally drawing to a close, with school starting on the upcoming Monday. From what I’ve heard, there are some exciting events, but the main one was Loy Katong, to be held by the end of November, and I can be sure that it will commence, because unlike last year, this year there is no flood problem, and I heard that it might be bigger than 2010, to compensate for last year’s flood. But I think there’s still going to be normal lessons, but…who knows; things might change in the last minute.
And of course, there might be occasional ASDAN trips, as usal, since in ASDAN some challenges can only be done outside school.
So far, out of all ASDAN activities, the International Day 2012 was the only one school-hosted activity that is directly linked to a particular ASDAN challenge. Actually the trip that the IGCSE Art student went in March and the trip that the PE GCSE students recently went could be accounted to an ASDAN challenge as well, but sadly I did not consider that. Even an IGCSE Geography residential trip that the Geography students went in June could even be linked to an ASDAN challenge! But there might be more, and in some cases some of the IGCSE trips of some subjects that I don’t do can be linked to a particular ASDAN challenge, allowing me to go on the trip.
But that depends on whether a suitable challenge can be linked to a particular trip. For example the International Day can be linked to an ASDAN challenge because one of the challenge is to run a business and write report about it, which is exactly what the year 11 students have just done!
So far, I think the number of ASDAN trips in 2012 is the biggest of all. Although 2011 could be bigger, but sadly it was cut short because of the floods.
That’s it for now…

This music video has over 500 million viewers!

Yeah, you know it already, it’s Gangnam Style! This video has over 500 million views! If you want to download the song, you can either buy it from iTunes (just $1.25), or if you are like me that doesn’t want to spend money you can try searching, although the quality of the MP3 you got from the web may not be as good as you desire. I got this song by searching, and it did not take me too long to get me the one with perfect sound quality. But for you guys, I think it is worth it to buy, and it is cheap as well.
So, my advice: Buy it from iTunes or download it from somewhere from the web, it’s up to you, although you will be sure to get a perfect quality copy if you buy it from iTunes.

Some update on trolls situation and updates on my earlier choices

Hello once again;
So, after thinking about this, I think the best, and probably the easiest way to delt with trolls, is to form an OAT, not with year 11 students as the main core, but with some other students like those from year 10 as the main core, with the year 11 students as an extension bit. This may work better than using year 11 students entirely or as a main core members.
However, this may mean that I have to trade with the possible eruption of the sixth trolls campaign, which if the trolls were to be reading this now, this could happen as soon as the Monday after this half term holiday, although I can be happy that they will not be able to do much, especially if they decided to pick on one of the new girls in year 10 or younger years as a subject to annoy me with. But there is also a possibility that the trolls will do the same, and form a trolls network into those respective years, effectively ending my hope of winning the troll war, worsening the situation beyond that of April 5th, and may put me into another depression mode, this time it may last throughout the remainder of year 11. This is something that I am extremely scare of, and once again it could happen as soon as the Monday after this half term holiday, although if I try to be quiet or discuss this only with some more trustworthy people, this catastrophe will not happen.
So, I think I am quite certain of my next move. I think my next move is to try to form an OAT network with some maybe year 9 or 10 students, and of course some year 11 students. Although this may bring me greater success rate, but if the trolls are fully aware of my new plans, the outcome can be catastrophic, especially if they were to be reading this post right now!
That’s it for now guys;

My first Chrome theme

Hello everyone!
After using Google Chrome for a while, I had decided to try to create my own theme. So here it is.
Get theme
I based this theme on the Metro concept of Windows 8. The new tab wallpaper is the clean, Windows 8 start screen-like background. In fact the image was actually a crop from the screenshot I took from my Windows 8 virtual machine. Too bad I cannot match the colors of the toolbars, otherwise the theme might have looked better.
Hope you like it, and this is my first ever theme, so feedback or improvement is always welcome.

International Day today; so awesome!

So, the long awaited International Day was over at last, and I can say…it was awesome! It was the best International Day yet that I had ever seen at STA!
So, start off as usual, with the parades and the assembly and the international performances.
After break, this is where the real day starts. Me and my group began work on the service to offer to students. It wasn’t as bad as some rumors previously speculated, and I loved it!
There were about 7 people in my group, and everyone worked very well. We chose to offer a basketball game, for a price of anywhere between 10 and 20 baht, although I did see some people willing to pay 100 baht or more, since the price is not fixed. It was very fun, and my group made a total profit of 1565 baht! Although we did not win though, since there is one group with a profit of over 2000 baht.
After lunch, we began the apprentice. This is where the judges interview us and asked everyone some questions. Again, my group did not win, but still the day was very good.
The day ended very good. I did get to use some services and bought some of the products, like a Thailand flag badge which costs 30 baht, and nail painting which costs 20 baht. Oh there is also a juice shop that sells juice and they tasted good! The juice was only 20 baht each, and a football game that costs 20 baht, and I did won a candy!
So, the day was very good, and I think this year’s International Day could compete with Songkran. If I combine this event with the ASDAN trip on Tuesday, together the combined event could compete with the Sports Day to become the second best event of the year!
That’s it for now…

Some considurations on plans to demolish the trolls

So, thinking over of what happened so far, I think it seems that my move of simply accepting rumors that I like some girls may not work, but may instead make the trolls even stronger.
Although the chance of that happening as a result of me accepting the rumor is small, but the probability is still not 0%; so there’s small chance that it could happens.
Now, what I had just come up is to go into the so called ‘Denial mode’, where I rejects all rumors and simply say that I don’t like anyone. That may work, and may even proved more successful than my current move.
However, that option may only be usable for the new trolls campaign, which is not the case for the current situation. The fifth trolls campaign had been around for roughly a month now, and if I was to switch into denial mode, the trolls may still try to reject my words and keep insisting on what I have previously said.
This means that I may have to forcefully suppress the fifth trolls campaign, with whatever method I can think of, and try to get them into starting the sixth trolls campaign. Also, another thing that is in my concern is that the girl the trolls was saying that I like is a friend of one of the trolls member. This means that the trolls already have something to use against me should the situation turns desperate on their side. Although I could accelerate my move to form relationship with the girl the trolls was saying that I like, but I think the trolls may have already aware that I plan to do something like that in order to form an OAT, put huge stress on the trolls, and cause them to be embroiled in series of internal conflicts, and eventually collapses, and they may try to ensure that my move fails, no matter what I do. This means that I may have to reconsider my action, and may even have to change my plans completely.
I know, I did knew some secrets of the trolls, and could exploit them, but the fact is, I am doing this entirely alone, without any support since the OAT is not up yet. If I have to change my plans, like what I said I could go into denial mode, denying all rumors that I like some girls.
Oh, another method that I can think of, is to use the current trolls campaign or the new one as a proxy, in order to attack the trolls. But one big problem is that the trolls may try to dig up dead trolls campaigns like the second and the third trolls campaign. The possibility of a second trolls campaign comeback is what I am fear of the most, since the girl that the trolls once used may come back to visit STA. This is already enough to motivate the trolls to dig up the second trolls campaign, and this may go on for a while.
Or, I could just ignore the trolls, and let things run its course. This means that I am pretty much cease my involvement with this topic, or in a shorter word, give up. Although this may seem silly, but it is the final option that from what I’ve heard will always work. If I decided to go this path, the topic of me liking a girl may eventually cool down and disappear, marking the end of the fifth trolls campaign and the end of the long, hard battle with the trolls.
So, there’s quite a few options to choose from, all of which will decide the future situation. All options did have some drawbacks and advantages over the others.
So, it’s quite a long post, as this is another time that I have to make some changes to my plans to demolish the trolls and select the best option, which means that I have to analyse each of them before making a choice.
That’s it for now;

Some new thoughts on forming an OAT

So, I think I had a new and might be a more successful idea on forming an OAT (organization against trolls).
The idea is, if forming the OAT with only year 11 students is difficult to impossible, then I am considering teaming up with other high school students like those in year 8, 9 or 10; and form an OAT that way. The good thing is, it would be difficult for the trolls to interfere, since the trolls won’t be able to meet some of the then OAT members or even do anything with them.
If this was allowed to proceed uninterrupted, then the OAT would gradually expand. By then I could try to exploit the weakness of the trolls in order to launch full scale attacks and cause them to be embroiled in series of internal conflicts that will break them apart and causes the trolls army to collapse and I would have won, marking the end of the fifth trolls campaign.
However, since often or not these candidates for the OAT includes some new girls, my immediate concern is that the trolls might find out and launch the sixth trolls campaign. That is something that really worries me right now, especially if they might be reading this post. But at least they got no chance during lessons to annoy me, so even if they managed to get the sixth trolls campaign up, it won’t have much affect on me.
But, if I continues to try to build an OAT only using people from year 11, I may have difficulties since the trolls can try to force everyone into their side, thus putting me at a big disadvantage. Although they could do the same with other year group, the chance of this is small since they rarely have any chance to meet up with other year groups, apart from during assemblies.
So, to summarize, I think I will just do both, with my primary focus on trying to get people in year 11 into my OAT. If that option fails or faces little success, at least my newly proposed option may work better and may result in a strong OAT in the end.
That’s it for now…

Today’s trip; very good

So, the trip was completed at last, the so call ASDAN exploring Bangkok via rail trip! There are several changes to the plan. Most notably, I had decided to cancel the trip on the Airport Link line and completely explore the Bangkok Metro, because time is limited and I got to get back to school by the last 2 periods. But at least I did covered major areas, and most importantly, the Victory Monument.
So, what I had discovered: 1 important thing that I found out is that lifestyle tends to change along the rapid transit lines. I started off near my school in the Phra Khanong area. It was a lifestyle typical of an urban community, with small street venders selling things like food. Also, high-rise buildings like condominiums sprung up along the BTS Sukhumvit Line. The BTS was as busy as ever, since it was during the rush hour when I get there; I have to wait for the second train! And the problem did not end there; there was little space for me to stand once I get on to the second train!
As I rode through, I can see that the buildings changed. Somewhere near Siam Station, which lies in the city center, most buildings seem to be mainly office buildings and shopping malls. When I arrived at Mo Chit station, the end of the Sukhumvit line, I noticed a large parking area, which I can assume is used by people to park their car from the suburbs. People chose to travel by BTS instead of driving due to poor trafic condition in the city center.
As I rode all the way to Bearing station, I noticed that I am then out in the suburban area of Bangkok, with green fields, which shows that the area, although now reachable by BTS, is not fully developed, but this may change since the extension to Bearing was opened just last year.
For the last part of my journey, I went to Saphan Taksin station of the Silom Line. The unique feature is that there were only 1 track, which caused problems since only 1 train can arrive at a given direction at 1 time. Since the frequency cannot be increased, I think this is why Silom Line had converted to 4-car trains, although Sukhumvit Line is doing the same due to heavy congestion.
The journey concluded when I have lunch at Terminal Twenty-one, a shopping mall in Asok. I ate some fried chickens and rice. It did rained, which is a bit of a problem, but I was lucky to get a taxi back to school.
Overall, today’s journey was fun, since I get to see how lifestyle changes in different areas of Bangkok, from green fields in the suburbs to tall buildings and shopping malls in the city center. So far it was a great experience, I must say.
That’s it for now…

This week’s gonna be cool

Hey guys;
So, as this is the last week before half term holiday, there are many things that are happening.
First of all, about the ASDAN trip tomorrow; it is confirmed. I’m going out tomorrow on what I will call it exploring Bangkok via rail, which means I am only traveling on train (rapid transit systems of course). This is for one of the challenge in module 9, which is to use a digital camera to produce images, and this might be linked to my research project earlier as well, so this could be considered the field research part of that project, where I went out to take photos and videos of the rapid transit systems. Even though this is an individual activity, but it is still exciting.
Also, after this, there’s the International Day 2012 on Friday. It’s gonna be exciting, although recently I heard some bad rumors about the activity that will cause me and the rest of year 11 to miss the amazing international lunch. I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but I’m sure no one will miss the amazing international lunch on Friday. If tomorrow’s trip and the International Day turns out very good, I may combine them into 1 event, since they’re only 3 days apart. If that happens, the combined event could go up to become the fourth best event of the year. However even without the combination of these 2 events, they may be featured on the list of the 5 best events of 2012 anyway, but there’s still the long-awaited Loy Katong 2012 to consider, and I heard that it will be big, so yeah…I can’t really decide, but like I said to make things easier I may combine tomorrow’s trip and the International Day on Friday into 1 single event, thus saving 1 slot for the Loy Katong event in November.
So, great stuffs are slowly happening guys, and I’m very excited for these 3 events.

A very good day; the start of my very own first trolls campaign (aka first trolls revenge campaign)

Hey guys!
So, today it finally happens. I finally discovered a whole in the extension bit of the trolls army, which is the fact that one student in my ASDAN class likes a new girl in year 11. Although he continues to deny this rumor, still I think it is true. Immediately I was able to turn this rumor into something wonderful, that is my very own first trolls campaign, or the first trolls revenge campaign!
At first, I thought as putting it as the sixth trolls campaign, but thinking over what happened today it seems that the events today does not fit in the category of typical trolls campaign, since typical trolls campaign had a purpose to attack me, but this one is designed to attack one of the troll in the extension bit of the trolls army.
Now, this is a very positive thing, and makes the overall situation felt much better that now I get a chance to revenge. And the amazing fact is, the trolls seem to be supporting this new trolls campaign as well, so that means I got a temporary army.
However, this only affects the extension part of the trolls army, and if the trolls want, they can turn against me any forcefully ending my trolls revenge campaign, turning the overall situation against me.
So, what I can do now is to use this chance and launch a full scale attack on the trolls, eventually causing them to become locked up in series internal conflicts and eventually lead to the collapse of the trolls and the end of the fifth trolls campaign. However the big problem is that this is just…a chance that I even get to do this, and not counting the trolls, I am currently doing this alone, and that means that my chance of success is not too high. Thus that means that I need to form a basic OAT army, before I can launch a full scale attack, because although I may be able to use the trolls to take down one of its extension, but then the trolls would have nothing to take down, and will turn to take me out instead.
So, considering the possible problems, I would say, in conclusion, that the situation right now is unstable. Tomorrow I got Chemistry, and the trolls can change the situation to be even worse for me if they so desire. I still cannot say that today’s event represents a big step forward in my plans to demolish the trolls, since this first trolls revenge may be temporary, and if it was forcefully ended, there might not be a second one to replace it, and I think there’s a small chance that the main members of the trolls army may use this as a proxy to launch even more attacks on me, or even worse, to launch a full scale, maximum mode attack on me!
So far, things seem to be going on my side.

Some exciting events coming up

Hey guys,
So, as the first half of term 1 is approaching its end, there are some exciting events going on. Mainly there is only 1; the International Day.
Yeah, normally year 11 is excluded, but this year there is a change. This year we year 11 get to do some fun activities yea! I would say that…this is wonderful and because of this, the International Day of 2012 could be featured amongst the best events of the year!
Also, in ASDAN I heard that another trip is being organized, but unlike the previous one, this one is an individual trip, meaning that I am going out alone, but the trip I’ve heard of is quite fun. As part of a research project for one of the challenge in module 9, which I am researching on the rapid transit systems in Bangkok, I actually got a chance to go and explore the entire network!
Because of this, I will name this trip ‘Exploring Bangkok via rail’, since I will only be travelling on trains. Basically what I’ve heard is that I may do a research, taking photographs and videos, across the 4 rapid transit systems in Bangkok: The BTS Sukhumvit Line, the BTS Silom Line, the MRT Blue Line, and the Airport Rail Link. It’s quite exciting, but I’m not sure when this will actually take place; maybe next week or after half term, I still don’t know. But whenever I have more information I will post an update.
That’s it for now…

Timeline of trolls campaigns

Hey guys,
So, after I’ve posted the earlier version, today I had decided to post a new version, since many things had taken place since the last time I posted the timeline.
Basically the concept is the same; new trolls campaign starts when the trolls find out the new girl that I may like or the girl the trolls was using for the current trolls campaign leaves STA. Like the previous one, they will be groupped into campaigns.
So here’s the timeline…
Early high school trolls: Late 2008 to mid 2009
The first form of trolls, back then called ‘bullies’, that I encountered in high school was back in year 7, before I move to STA. Unlike today’s trolls, they use physical methods to hurt me, or sometimes say something bad about me that makes me feel annoyed. Also, there were times when they used the subject of me liking a girl, which I think is the base of what became the current subject of today’s trolls. It ended in mid 2009 when I finally moved to ST. Andrews International School of Bangkok.
First trolls campaign: Late 2009 to mid 2010
My new life at STA seems to start good, with many people helping me getting started in the new environment. However, if I remember correctly, after half-term break in October the first trolls campaign finally emerges, on the subject of me liking a new girl in year 8 at that time. This is the founding of the today’s trolls. Although it is classed as a trolls campaign, but at that time work seems to be scattered and there was no fixed group of trolls (I.E members are always on the change). The first trolls campaign is not too bad, even during its peak when I ordered a Valentine rose to the girl that the trolls claimed that I like back then. It ended along the end of year 8 in mid 2010.
Second trolls campaign: Late 2010 to April 5th, 2012
After the summer holiday, with the arrival of year 9 also came the arrival of a batch of new students, sadly enough 2 of them are my old friends from my old school. And the trolls had managed to used one of them as a subject to annoy me. This tension started during the last few weeks of year 8; it was in year 9 when it evolved into the long and painful second trolls campaign. The year 9 period wasn’t too bad, but worse than year 8, thanks to the 21 January 2011 event when I mistakenly posted on Facebook that I bought something from Chiang Mai during the New Year trip for the girl that the trolls claimed that I like back then; the fact is I mistakenly called her ‘girlfriend’. But tension eventually eases throughout year 9, but unlike the first trolls campaign, it did not end when year 9 ended; but instead continued into year 10.
The year 10 period is the last half of the second trolls campaign, and is the worst, especially during its peak in February this year when I ordered a chocolate for the girl the trolls claimed that I like back then and also my posts on her wall. At this time the trolls had also unified into a fixed group and started trolling me on Facebook. Unlike the year 9 period, the tension did not ease easily, and the trolls had managed to kick off an attack by commenting on one of my post on the girl’s wall in bulk (more than 20 comments within a few seconds!). After that, the situation worsened slowly, and eventually on April 5th, 2012 the second trolls campaign finally ended with me losing the fight. The Songkran celebration on the next day did made me feel better, but not totally.
Third trolls campaign: May 23rd, 2012 to August 30th, 2012
After Songkran holiday, there were about 4 weeks in which I have to deal with the aftermath of the second trolls campaign, but at least they were not too bad. However immediately after I made a wall post on one of the girl’s wall in year 10, tension suddenly built up, and the next day, on May 23rd, 2012 it suddenly evolves into the third trolls campaign. Luckily the exams week that follows did helped to stop the trolls. This trolls campaign reached its peak around June 6th when the trolls threatened to launch a troll war on June 8th. However it did not really happened, and the tension slowly eases. However, without a conclusion, the third trolls campaign suddenly ended on August 30th, 2012.
Fourth trolls campaign: August 30th, 2012 to September 11th, 2012
Like year 9, as year 11 arrives also came a batch of new students, although the batch seems to be smaller. However just 4 days into year 11, one student went as far as to create a rumor that I like one of the new girl in year 11; and it quickly evolved into the fourth trolls campaign. Unlike the first, the second and the third trolls campaign, the trolls did not have a chance to annoy me to the maximum, because the lifetime of this trolls campaign was cut short on September 11th, 2012 when a new trolls campaign breaks out. Even though this trolls campaign is short, but it is still annoying, but not as bad as the second and third trolls campaign.
Fifth trolls campaign: September 11th, 2012 to now
Although year 11 was still in its early days, but the trolls had managed to forcefully start a new trolls campaign. Like the fourth trolls campaign, the girl used was a new student. However this one is different in the fact that she’s in my tutor group and my Chemistry class. This means that the trolls already have some good chances to annoy me. I’m not sure if this is directly linked to my personal targets that I set during PHSE lesson on September 7th, but there is a chance that the trolls may have known about this and they randomly select one of the new girls. Currently they did not annoy me to the maximum, and the situation is very calm at the moment, but things can change very suddenly and that’s what I am scared of.
In conclusion, as you can see, there are at least 5 trolls campaigns so far that I faced in high school. However on September 28th the trolls did managed to try to start the sixth trolls campaign, but luckily the attempt failed. I can say that was very lucky!
That’s it for now…

Updates on what’s going on

So, since my last post on updates, there had been some more updates.
First, the update on trolls. Once again they went back to be very calm and the situation is quite good as of today. Like what I said I think they seems to lack motivation to annoy me, since there’s little progress in terms of relationship between me and the girl the trolls said that I like. Also, this rumor may have now become too obvious, since I remember I did admitted that I liked the girl the trolls was talking about, so this has resulted in the trolls stop talking about this topic.
Second, a while ago I had stumbled upon one headline on BBC News. The news story is that, Facebook had now reached over 1 billion users worldwide, which accounts to about 14.3% of the world population of 7 billion people. The figure is quite low, in relation to the world population. But in relation to the total number of users who have internet access, the 1 billion figure could worth a higher percentage.
Third, updates on software. From what I’ve noticed, the development of software packages that I had been following is not quite active. For example FluxBB, a forum software, still have no update, even though 11.5.1 update should be out by now. Also another odd thing is, Jaws for Windows, remains at version 13.0; usually at this time of the year version 14 should be close to release already.
Fourth and probably the last, is the storm that is heading for Thailand. From what I’ve watched on the news, the storm is heading very slowly. But since I believe it is still out at sea, there’s small chance that it could develop into a typhoon, and accelerate the rate in which it moves. If that was to happen, I think the situation could be catastrophic if the storm moves quickly enough to hit Thailand in either a form of typhoon or tropical storm. Or on the other hand, according to the latest news report, the storm may move too slowly to have big impact on Thailand, although the situation is uncertain, and things can change rapidly.
So, as you can see 4 updates in a single post. I can say this is the post that contains most updates, from what I remember.
Also back to the topic on trolls: Now I can feel relaxed that the situation has calmed down a lot, and I may even say it’s safe now to put down my guard. I am not really worry about the Chemistry lesson tomorrow, since I’m very confident that the trolls will not launch an attack. Same for PHSE tomorrow, since it seems that the trolls are unlikely to launch an attack.
That’s it for now…