Some updates

Hello,So, there hasn't been much update lately, mainly there wasn't much going on, and I'm quite busy as well.About the new sixth trolls campaign, after all it wasn't much of a threat that I thought it would be; it just made a brief eruption back last Monday and quickly died down, and now it is … Continue reading Some updates


Analyses on the trolls and their methods of attack

HelloIn this post I will attempt to do some analysis on the trolls' activity, the trend of methods in which they used to attack me, and some types of trolls I had encountered.First, let's start with types. There are two main types of trolls as of February 20th, 2013. They are Facebook and school trolls.Facebook … Continue reading Analyses on the trolls and their methods of attack

Update on the sixth trolls campaign

Hey guys,So, the new sixth trolls campaign is still taking place. Today, instead of focusing on just 1 girl, the trolls decided to use all the people that I ordered Valentine roses for!Now, I can say that is something very bad, and I will have to deny this rumor from the start. I can try … Continue reading Update on the sixth trolls campaign

A bad day; the start of the sixth trolls campaign

Hello!So, the trolls had done it once again. They had successfully launch the next trolls campaign, the sixth one. Like previous campaigns, the theme is based on girls that I might potentially like, and like previous trolls campaign they either try to create a groundless rumor and evidently spread it around, using information that is … Continue reading A bad day; the start of the sixth trolls campaign

Half term holiday has ended

Hello,So, the one-week long half term holiday has finally ended. Tomorrow school will continue as normal.Well, I'm feeling great to meet my friends again, but I'm also worry that the trolls will mount massive attacks on me, since they're probably already got hold of the list of people I ordered Valentines gifts for. I actually … Continue reading Half term holiday has ended

Valentines Day is over, but…

Hello and happy Valentines Day to those living in countries which are still on February 14th!So, Valentines Day is over for most countries, except in the US and probably Canada, which is still on February 14th, so once again happy Valentines Day to people in those countries!So far, Valentines Day this year was like previous … Continue reading Valentines Day is over, but…

Half-term holiday at last

Hello!So, it's finally half-term holiday! One full week off yea!Now, in terms of the situation, this means that things will be pretty much inactive, until next Thursday, when Valentines Day actually arrives. I would want to write 'Happy Valentines Day' on someone else's Facebook wall, but I'm afraid that the trolls would find the post … Continue reading Half-term holiday at last