Some updates

So, there hasn’t been much update lately, mainly there wasn’t much going on, and I’m quite busy as well.
About the new sixth trolls campaign, after all it wasn’t much of a threat that I thought it would be; it just made a brief eruption back last Monday and quickly died down, and now it is no longer a threat, and so the overall situation was very good.
I think now I can relax a bit, since there is little chance that the trolls would do anymore annoyances. I think they had either became bored or they just…didn’t care about this anymore.
There are, however, some possible times that the trolls could rovoke an attack. I think Fridays during Chemistry is the most likely time, since previous major attacks were conducted during Chemistry lesson on Fridays; the one on December 7th, 2012 is one such example.
Now, what I can really say is, things are looking good after all.

Analyses on the trolls and their methods of attack

In this post I will attempt to do some analysis on the trolls’ activity, the trend of methods in which they used to attack me, and some types of trolls I had encountered.
First, let’s start with types. There are two main types of trolls as of February 20th, 2013. They are Facebook and school trolls.
Facebook trolls were introduced during the last months of the second trolls campaign. Back then until up to September 2012, they played a very important role in annoying me, but soon after September, the trolls of this type seems to rapidly decline, as indicated by several statuses with less than twenty comments, with a few with less than ten comments or no comments at all. One unique weapon for the trolls of this type is tagging, which grabs attention of anyone who is being tagged. Tagging by the trolls came along with the introduction of the Facebook trolls, and is most scary during the third trolls campaign, where they once tagged random people in hopes of gaining their support. But soon tagging has fall out of fashion, and eventually declines along the Facebook trolls.
The second type is the school trolls. This is the oldest type of trolls I had encountered, as far back as year 8 or even all the way back to year 7. This type of trolls started in year 7, and back then it was operated by a random group of students. Back then, the terminology ‘trolls’ was not used, but instead back then there were called ‘bullies’. The trolls of this type seems to be operated by random group of students, up to February 2012 when the current trolls army begun operation, and since then annoyances of this type is operated by pretty much the same group of people. They continue to be an issue, since there is no definite ways of demolishing them.
Now, let’s move on to their activities. Simply, as the term suggests, their activity focuses on doing whatever they can to make me annoyed, or sometimes even make me mad. The theme of subject that they chosen to annoy me with, is saying that I like some girls, which has been the subject for annoyances since year 8.
Now, let’s move on to their methods and their trends. For most of the time, the annoyances are influenced by the leakage of my secrets, which was carried out by some students in the same year as me. Basically, when one student finds out about my secret, he/she will immediately spread the secret, turning it into the subject for annoyances, and this is what also marks the start of new trolls campaigns. Recently, with the introduction of the fourth trolls campaign, the subject of annoyances had been based on several groundless rumors, created by some students. Facebook wall posts also saw use as a subject to annoy me, as seen when the third trolls campaign made an appearance in May 2012, based on the wall post I made on someone else’s wall. Exploitation of special events, particularly Valentines Days, also saw use as a subject for annoyances. As what I had witnessed, this is directly linked to the leakage of my secrets. After they found out who I ordered Valentines gifts to, they immediately increase the intensity of annoyances. Very recently, they had resorted to a new method, by forcing me to reveal the list of people that I ordered roses for, and then they spread this list. Sadly, they had managed to use that list as the starting point for the sixth trolls campaign.
Also another new way of annoying me is this blog. Starting during the days of the third trolls campaign, they basically reads my blog without my knowledge, and pick out any post they thought would provoke a reaction from me, and use it as a subject to annoy me with. This method is not as scary as other methods, and very few instances had been witnessed.
Above is what I can identify so far. There are some chance that they will try to come up with newer methods to surprise me, but for now the trolls seem to be sticking to their existing methods and theme for their activities.
That’s it for now…

Update on the sixth trolls campaign

Hey guys,
So, the new sixth trolls campaign is still taking place. Today, instead of focusing on just 1 girl, the trolls decided to use all the people that I ordered Valentine roses for!
Now, I can say that is something very bad, and I will have to deny this rumor from the start. I can try to force them to focus on one of them, but that will do no good either. Simply accepting this new rumor will not work, as I had previously witnessed. I can either just continuing to deny the rumor, and hope it dies off eventually, or just ignore them and hope the campaign dies down by itself.
And no, I’m not thinking to form an OAT perimeter by building up/changing relationship status on Facebook, as my previous attempt had made no progress, is too risky and even if I want to do a second run, I can already tell that a catastrophe similar to that of December 7th last year will ensue, so there is no point of even embarking on something that will not give me desirable result in the end.
One more thing, since all trolls campaigns so far are basing on the same theme, I’m thinking when I do the next trolls timeline/summary, I will group all of them under a single trolls campaign, but divided into stages, and that means that I’m now in stage six of the trolls campaign. But for now, I will separate them into distinctive campaigns.
That’s it for now…

A bad day; the start of the sixth trolls campaign

So, the trolls had done it once again. They had successfully launch the next trolls campaign, the sixth one. Like previous campaigns, the theme is based on girls that I might potentially like, and like previous trolls campaign they either try to create a groundless rumor and evidently spread it around, using information that is knowingly false or try to exploit some special events, and this new trolls campaign is a very good example, exploiting the Valentines Day.
First, the background behind this trolls campaign: On the 6th and 7th of February, I placed orders for 3 roses for 3 different people, each roses costs 20 baht, totaling 60 baht for 3 roses. Two of the recipients I did not ask before placing my orders, but one of them I did asked before placing my order. This is because I want to see what kind of response I will get if I did not ask before ordering, and if I asked first before ordering.
But that’s not the main point. The main point is this, one night during the half term holiday the trolls messaged me, forcing me to reveal who I ordered the roses for. I first tried to reject, but the trolls will not stop bothering me, so I gave them the list. And just that, today they picked one of the student in that list and use that as the base for this new sixth trolls campaign.
So, that means that today also marks the end of the fifth trolls campaign, sadly enough. But I think what I will try to do is to suppress this new sixth trolls campaign, and make the fifth trolls campaign active again.
Also, today’s event also proves that my predictions back in January are correct! Back in January I predicted that something bad relating to Valentines Day would happen, and today it did! And that is the appearance of the sixth trolls campaign!
Right now, things looked very bad. I don’t know what to do next.

Half term holiday has ended

So, the one-week long half term holiday has finally ended. Tomorrow school will continue as normal.
Well, I’m feeling great to meet my friends again, but I’m also worry that the trolls will mount massive attacks on me, since they’re probably already got hold of the list of people I ordered Valentines gifts for. I actually don’t want to reveal the list to them, but I was forced to do so by the trolls. As of today, there is a very high chance that the trolls will launch the new trolls campaign, the sixth trolls campaign. If that will be the case, then that will mean that my speculation back in January is correct, and that may mean the repetition of last year’s Valentines Day catastrophe.
Right now, things are not looking too god.

Valentines Day is over, but…

Hello and happy Valentines Day to those living in countries which are still on February 14th!
So, Valentines Day is over for most countries, except in the US and probably Canada, which is still on February 14th, so once again happy Valentines Day to people in those countries!
So far, Valentines Day this year was like previous years, nothing special took place in my life, although I had managed to avoid a catastrophe in a way that I avoided posting ‘Happy Valentines Day’ on someone else’s wall. Although this move might be stupid, but seriously…I don’t want to deal with excess trolls again like last year; what happened last year is sick enough.
But, there are still things to watch out for; the gifts which I had ordered will probably be delivered once the school opens the following Monday, and that may create a hole in which the trolls can exploit, and so far it seems that it will happen, since yesterday I was forced to reveal who I ordered the gifts to by one member of the trolls, which is…not good at all.
If catastrophe will be unavoidable, I think what I can really do is accuse the trolls, since they’re behind this plot. Although I had received suggestions to just ignore the trolls, but I think in this kind of situation that strategy won’t work. I may have to do something else to suppress the trolls.
So far, things aren’t looking good…

Half-term holiday at last

So, it’s finally half-term holiday! One full week off yea!
Now, in terms of the situation, this means that things will be pretty much inactive, until next Thursday, when Valentines Day actually arrives. I would want to write ‘Happy Valentines Day’ on someone else’s Facebook wall, but I’m afraid that the trolls would find the post and troll me using that post, repeating the catastrophe last year.
And, when the school reconvenes on February 18th, which is I think the day where those gifts that I had ordered for 3 people in year 11 will be delivered, I think the trolls will even annoy me even more, by either launching the operation campaign killer or try to start the sixth trolls campaign, in which they can very well do, since they know who are the 3 people I ordered the gift for already. Were tny of those to happen, the overall situation would worsen, making the situation very similar to that of December 7th, 2012/February 2012.
Or, if I’m lucky, the trolls would just ignore and do nothing, which would make the situation shift to my side.
About the progress of the OAT, I can say…almost no progress at all, since the situation is not good enough for me to build up a successful OAT.
That’s it for now…