2013 end of year summary

Hey guys; So, it's that time again, the year end. At this time of the year, news medias are most likely doing a wrap-up of everything that has taken place throughout 2013. I felt that Christmas day is a perfect time to write the wrap-up summary, so here you go... So, it's been a long … Continue reading 2013 end of year summary


A word about the 2013 wrap-up summary

Hey guys;So, 2013 is getting closer to an end every single day, so...it's about time that I write a 2013 wrap-up summary.But...not today; you'll know it when I wrote it; I want to keep it as a surprise for all readers...Mainly, today I want to hint you about what the summary will be like, mainly … Continue reading A word about the 2013 wrap-up summary

Christmas holiday at last!

Hey guys;So, after 4 months of hard work, the first term of year 12 has finally come to an end. Today is Friday the 13th, the so called 'unlucky day', but turns out it's not that bad.Term 1 is a great term, with great events. Although few in numbers, but they're big enough to be … Continue reading Christmas holiday at last!

Things started to look bad

Hey guys;So, it's been a while since my last post. Mainly I want to focus on the seventh trolls campaign, as that's what has been going on lately...So, during the past week or so, things appeared quite calm, in terms of the spreading of rumors. That's good, though.But, today, things changed completely. Morning looked fine, … Continue reading Things started to look bad