2013 end of year summary

Hey guys;

So, it’s that time again, the year end. At this time of the year, news medias are most likely doing a wrap-up of everything that has taken place throughout 2013. I felt that Christmas day is a perfect time to write the wrap-up summary, so here you go…

So, it’s been a long year, with many events that took place all over the world, both good and bad, ranging from major events that appeared on news medias around the world, such as the birth of a new royal baby in the United Kingdom in July, meteor impact in Russia in February, and the revelations of NSA’s spying activities since early June by Edward Snowden, to smaller-scale and more local events, such as the Southeast Asian Games (SEAGames) in Myanmar very recently, to even smaller events, like the political instability in Thailand, and the oil spill in Kho Samet, also in Thailand. And of course, there are exciting things that took place in the technology world this year, mainly the launch of the lower-cost Apple’s iPhone 5C and its high-end iPhone 5S with a new fingerprint scanner functionality, and Google’s announcements of a project to deliver internet to every single person in the world in the future.

Now, on to what’s going on in my life…

While all around seems exciting, for me this year was like one of the worst year on record. For the first half of the year, there were virtually no exciting events, only revisions and IGCSE exams. However, things have improved a little bit during the second half, due to out-of-school trips.

Enough of the introduction…now, let’s get on to the event listings. Unlike previous years, there weren’t many events to list, so there won’t be 5 best/worst events this year.

Best event of 2013: The great first half-term from 29 September to 17 October

This actually comprises of 4 smaller events. First is the year 12 IB ESS residential trip to Khao Yai. I must say, it’s fun, despite hard work, but…you know, it’s better than nothing. I got quite dirty trekking in the forests, but surprisingly, I got no leeches. I also learned to fish for the very first time, since one of the activities requires me to collect samples in the water. Then comes the year 12 IB Business Management trip to Rayong, about a week later, on October 10th. It’s great, being with a lot of people. Also, this is the first time that I get to see a real production factory. Then, 2 days later on October 12th, there’ the MUN conference at ISB. It’s great, although I have to work alone because another Venezuelan delegate was absent, but…you know, it’s still fun. Last, is the International Day, just 5 days from the ISB MUN conference, on October 17th. It’s fun, particularly the news quiz where everyone would follow one person or a small group of people, and at one point they were all out since someone picked the wrong answer. Overall these 4 events as a whole make this year seems a little bit better.

Second best event of 2013: The great November from November 1st to November 21st

Once again, this comprises of smaller events, but there are 3 this time. The first was the Halloween Carnival on November 1st, which is great (although very boring at first), it got exciting and fun only when I’m able to join in the dance. The dance was probably the best part of the carnival. Next up is the Ekamai MUN conference, roughly a week after the Halloween Carnival. It was fun, and probably the best MUN conference so far, and me and my other Libyan delegate won the award for the most enthusiastic delegate! Also, I get a chance to raise my first point of information on one of the resolutions! At the end, only 1 out of 4 resolutions passed. Last, is the Fun Run, on November 21st, about 11 days later. Actually there’s Loy Krathong on November 15th, but this year it’s not good enough to be counted as a major event. For the Fun Run, this year is the first year that I can say that it’s actually good. Instead of running, I get a chance to be a cheerleader along with some year 12 friends, and I do enjoy watching people run and cheering them to keep them running.

Third best event of 2013: Christmas Fair and concert on December 12th

I could, in theory, merge this with the great November event, to create the great second half-term event, but it’s too far apart from the Fun Run. Christmas Fair wasn’t too bad though, given the fact that I don’t need to run any stalls, but instead encourage people to participate in activities. The concert wasn’t that bad either, with great performances.

Related side event: Sattahip trip on December 22nd (great, lots of fun with young kids, first time touching lived shark and crab (very exciting), amazing weather).

Fourth best event: Songkran celebration at school on April 5th

Songkran celebrations at school are always great, and this year was no exception. Probably the best part was towards the end of the day, where I did have fun splashing water at people.

Related side event: Singapore trip from April 17th to April 20th (amazing, fun at the Universal Studios with a lot of fun rides, great time at the water park).

Now, let’s move on to the worst events…

The only worst events worth mentioning in 2013 is…the annoyances caused by the trolls, throughout this year.

Throughout this year, the trolls are still as annoying as ever. This year, they had done away with 3 different trolls campaigns – the fifth, the sixth, and more recently, the seventh trolls campaign. The fifth trolls campaign this year was in fact the continuation of the same trolls campaign that the trolls started earlier in late 2012. The sixth trolls campaign was the first to be started from a special event, in this case the Valentines Day. Also, there was an ask.fm spam crisis from around May 26th to June 7th. During this time, I was bombarded with troll messages on my ask.fm profile, and…they’re most likely to be from the trolls, due to the style of language used. The psychological shock around June 2nd and 3rd did little to help stop the trolls, as spam campaign did resumed on June 4th. After June 7th, things appears to be relatively calm, until September 11th when a new trolls campaign was started, and a month later, the trolls used the Khlong Toey fire incident to launch another deluge of spam on my ask.fm profile. Then, a month later, the ask.fm spam campaign appeared to have died down. Probably the worst part of this was on December 11th, when the trolls decided to launch a new form of attack, by randomly calling me in and then immediately switched to call another person (most likely the girl the trolls claim that I like), and on Facebook that night, the trolls decided to revive the use of Facebook tags as a way to annoy me, to the point that I have to delete a status.

Hope that 2014 would be a better year! Merry Christmas everyone!

A word about the 2013 wrap-up summary

Hey guys;

So, 2013 is getting closer to an end every single day, so…it’s about time that I write a 2013 wrap-up summary.

But…not today; you’ll know it when I wrote it; I want to keep it as a surprise for all readers…

Mainly, today I want to hint you about what the summary will be like, mainly sections relating to my life events.

That hint is, this year’s summary on sections on best/worst events, etc will be written differently. This is due to the fact that there are not many events worth mentioning this year, apart from a very short list of big ones.

So, for the very first time, I’m going to include a brief mention of worthy events that took place outside school calendar (weekends and holidays). This meant family feasts and holidays, and anything that is worth mentioning, but they will be given a status of a side event only, and may be bound to a particular main event during the school calendar that took place before the side event took place. In addition, there won’t be much details on those side events, only a very brief summary of what I felt about a particular side event.

Other than that, I think that’s it for now…

Christmas holiday at last!

Hey guys;

So, after 4 months of hard work, the first term of year 12 has finally come to an end. Today is Friday the 13th, the so called ‘unlucky day’, but turns out it’s not that bad.

Term 1 is a great term, with great events. Although few in numbers, but they’re big enough to be considered as great.

The greatness of this term began with the year 12 IB ESS residential trip to Khao Yai. It’s a great trip, and it currently holds the spot for the best event of the year, as part of a much larger event, the great first half-term. Since then, a number of great events followed, ending with the Christmas Concert last night. The ESS residential trip was fun, despite hard work and long treks.

Also during term 1, I did get a chance to meet and make friends with new students in year 12, which is great, but not all were too friendly, as you will find out later on in this post.

But, despite the greatness, there were mainly one big negative thing about this term, and that is the continued annoyances by the trolls. Throughout this term, they had managed to launch the seventh trolls campaign. As I stated already that not all new students were too friendly, it turns out that a few of them became part of the trolls army by recognizing the new rumors that I like a new girl in year 12.

Since the establishment of the seventh trolls campaign, annoyances seemed to be few, until after the Ekamai MUN conference, that I started noticing a gradual increase in annoyances. Yet I’m still not sure whether the increase had been directly linked to the MUN conference though. Regardless, the attacks didn’t bother me too much, until during these few days that I started noticing that the trolls are implementing a new form of attack. As described in my previous post, one guy in year 12 suddenly began calling me in randomly, and when I answered, that person immediately switched to calling someone else, which is most likely to be the girl the trolls claimed that I like, and around the same time, I had discovered that the trolls are planning to revive the use of their most powerful weapon, the Facebook tags! This is what I’m scared of the most, as this can draw in huge numbers of people, potentially turning a post or a status into a flame war and/or into what I will call a ‘troll post’ since it would have been filled with troll comments.

Overall, I must say that term 1 was the longest term of the academic year, spanning 4 months, compared to terms 2 and 3, which spans 3 and 2 months, respectively.

For upcoming events in term 2, I’m already looking forward to the year 12 residential trip to Kanchanaburi during the third week of the term, and a year 12 IB Geography+ESS/Biology residential trip to Chiang Mai. The later one was quite interesting, as it’s a trip involving 2 or more subjects. Since I took Geography for my IB Diploma, I get to go before the ESS and Biology students, which marks the first phase of the trip. The second phase will be more fun, as it involves both the ESS and SL Biology students. However, as always, the trolls can choose to attack anytime during these 2 trips. In addition to these 2 large residential trips, there might as well be smaller, single-day trips for other subjects, like Business, which is exciting if there is one or more, and…of course MUN conferences, of which I’ve already heard of a potential conference on March 8th. Oh…I do not forget, Songkran is coming up as well, but that is like towards the end of the term.

That’s it for now…

Things started to look bad

Hey guys;

So, it’s been a while since my last post. Mainly I want to focus on the seventh trolls campaign, as that’s what has been going on lately…

So, during the past week or so, things appeared quite calm, in terms of the spreading of rumors. That’s good, though.

But, today, things changed completely. Morning looked fine, until break, when I was barraged by a new form of attack. Basically, I was called in by someone in year 12 (most likely a member of the trolls), and when I replied, that person immediately called in another person (most likely the girl that the trolls are saying that I like). It’s very annoying, and whenever I tried to speak, that person repeats the very same move. This very same attack was repeated again during lunch, and…now I’m fairly mad about this. I’m sure, this is a brand new form of attack, very new to the trolls. I’m not sure what’s the motive behind this new attack, but it’s likely that it’s designed to intensify the seventh trolls campaign, hoping to force me into accepting the rumors.

Also, during lunch I heard from one reliable source that the girl the trolls was accusing that I like had a boyfriend. This confirms that at this point, there’s virtually no point in accepting the rumors the trolls created that I like her. Either this was set out in the beginning or trolls-crafted I don’t know, but all I know is, this was pretty much a repeat of the past, where rumors would sprang up that I like a girl, only to be replaced by rumors that the said girl had a boyfriend. I don’t necessary feel bad, since…I don’t even accept the initial rumors. But…deeply I do feel bad, since it would be more difficult to build up relationship into a status that I could form an OAT (organization against trolls). But I’m not even going to go into details about that, because why? There’s spies! The trolls could be reading my blog at this very moment!

Now, this new rumor, although not entirely confirmed, could mark the beginning of the end of the seventh trolls campaign. If this proves true, then this trolls campaign would pretty much have the same length as the fifth trolls campaign, but might be slightly shorter.

Now, there’s some options that I could take. I could intentionally kill this seventh trolls campaign by provoking the trolls to create new rumors that I like another girl (formation of the eighth trolls campaign), or I could use harsh measures to bend things to my side, therefore forcefully suppressing the new rumor, and create a clear path to build a functioning OAT, or I could continue my current move, which is to keep denying until the trolls give up.

The first move, from the outset, would obviously create a repeat of what’s going now, so…that’s not a good option at all.

The second move, although with enough effort and being super effective against the trolls thus can give me very positive outcomes, carries a high risk of failing.

The third move appears the most practicable option at the moment, since by denying I had stalled the trolls’ progress.

That’s it for now…

Update! A while ago one member of the trolls decided to launch an attack; by tagging on Facebook; the most powerful weapon of the trolls! That marked the possibility that the trolls may decide to resort to using Facebook tags as a mean to annoy me!