**IMPORTANT** update regarding my blog posts on Facebook

Hey guys;

If you’ve been friends with me on Facebook, you know that whenever I publishes a post here, this post gets shared to Facebook automatically. Well, this is about to change, and in a pretty big way.

According to this post from the official WordPress.com blog, Facebook is introducing a new update which will no longer allow third-party tools to share content to Facebook automatically.

So, what does this mean for this blog? Well, this simply means that there will be a delay from when a post gets published to when you’ll actually see it in your news feed.

So, when will this change take effect? Well according to the post I linked above, the change will come into force on August 1st. This means that this post (or, if I do indeed get to hang out with my best friend again this friday, the post about that event) could very well be the last post that gets shared on Facebook automatically right after I hit the publish button.

Since this is a very important update, I’ll stick this post to the top of my blog (at least for the time being), and put it into all categories of this blog.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for this post.

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