Another day with my best friend

Hey guys;

Before we get into the main topic of this post, I would like to say that this could very well be the last post that gets shared automatically to my Facebook profile, unless if I decided to post anything between now and August 1st (most practically July 31st). If you want to know why, I’ve covered it in my last post, which also provides a link to the original blog post on the official blog that discusses this change.

Anyways, let’s get into the subject of this post…

My best friend told me some time ago that we could meet more than once during the time she was here for the summer holiday. And…guess what, today, that has become a reality as we did managed to meet up again. This means that in 2018 alone, I’ve spent time with my best friend three times already.

Today we didn’t get much time together as previous times, mainly because her schedule was quite packed. Originally we scheduled to meet at 3PM or 3:30PM and then it got moved to 6PM and finally to 6:30PM. Since we meet so late, I decided to grab dinner first beforehand. I was actually quite full because I apparently ate a bit too much for lunch, not knowing that I will be eating dinner quite soon.

Actually, before this date was confirmed, there was a window of uncertainty because, last week, my best friend did not reply any of my messages on Whatsapp at all. I was really worried because I have no idea what’s wrong with her. But that period of uncertainty finally came to an end on Sunday when she finally responded to one of my messages on Line. Since then, we quickly worked towards scheduling a time to meet up, and…finally today (Friday, July 27th) was chosen.

We met roughly at the same area as last time, in front of Starbucks. Once we got to my best friend’s house, I decided not to eat dinner there as I already had dinner. Instead I ate a cheese waffle along with a kind of milk tea drink (not sure what it’s called exactly). The waffle tasted really good. After I finished my little dessert we chatted in the kitchen/dining room for a bit before moving upstairs to the main living room (the exact same living room we went to previously). From there, we just spent time chatting about various things.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, my best friend gave me two packages of chocolate that she bought from Japan (she intended to give them to me last time, but she forgot and I somehow forgot to remind her back then). Like last time, I let her play with my inflatable toys that I brought over.

Since we met up so late, we only have a few hours together, compared to last time and…the time before that. But at least we get to spend time together, which is always really nice, especially the fact that we get to spend time together twice during her summer holiday.

As for when we could meet again, she did told me that she’ll be back again in December, roughly around the same time that I’ll be back from the UK. She also told me that there could be a Christmas party/New Years party, similar to the one in 2016. However one potential issue is that my other friend also told me that there is going to be a STA alumni party in December, which could potentially clash with this Christmas party/New Years party (although it’s still possible that we could meet in early January instead, just like this year).

Anyways, I guess that’s it for now…

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